November 29

November 29


Ezekiel 41-42


There’s a Restoration Day Coming to Israel            Ezekiel 33-48, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40-48          Israel’s Adoration During the Millennium, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40-43-A Vision of the New Temple in Jerusalem, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40:48-41:26-The Temple


Here we find a description of the Temple itself:

  • the porch (40:48-49);
  • the nave or holy place (41:1-2)
  • the most holy place (41:3-4)
  • the side chambers (41:5-11; these are 3 floors of rooms, 30 per floor, for storage purposes)
  • a large building behind the Temple (41:12)
  • the total measurements of the Temple and its immediate surroundings (41:13-17)
  • a description of the interior of the Temple (41:18-26).


An account was given of the porch of the house in the close of the foregoing chapter; this brings us to the temple itself, the description of which here given creates much difficulty to the critical expositors and occasions differences among them. Those must consult them who are nice in their enquiries into the meaning of the particulars of this delineation; it shall suffice us to observe,

  1. The dimensions of the house, the posts of it (v. 1), the door (v. 2), the wall and the side-chambers (v. 5, 6), the foundations and wall of the chambers, their doors (v. 8-11), and the house itself (v. 13).
  2. The dimensions of the oracle, or most holy place (v. 3, 4).

III. An account of another building over against the separate place (v. 12-15).

  1. The manner of the building of the house (v. 7, 16, 17).
  2. The ornaments of the house (v. 18-20).
  3. The altar of incense and the table (v. 22).

VII. The doors between the temple and the oracle (v. 23-26).

There is so much difference both in the terms and in the rules of architecture between one age and another, one place and another, that it ought not to be any stumbling-block to us that there is so much in these descriptions dark and hard to be understood, about the meaning of which the learned are not agreed. To one not skilled in mathematics the mathematical description of a modern structure would be scarcely intelligible; and yet to a common carpenter or mason among the Jews at that time we may suppose that all this, in the literal sense of it, was easy enough.

Matthew Henry :: Commentary on Ezekiel 41,


For an interesting 3-D video portrayal of a possible explanation of the dimensions of this Temple see:


Ezekiel 42-The chambers in the inner court


42:1-13 North of the Temple in the inner court were two blocks of three-story buildings, one twice the length of the other, used by the priests when eating sacrifices (46:20) and for storing their garments (44:19).

42:15-20 The overall measurements of the Temple represented a square of five hundred reeds (about one mile) on a side.

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnotes on Ezekiel 42:1-13 and 42:15-20, pp. 1293, 1294


Prayer: Lord, You led Ezekiel to give precise details of the Temple in these chapters.  Obviously, the Temple is of great importance.  The Temple in its structure and beauty is meant to remind us of Your perfection and glory.  It is intended to inspire us in our worship of You.  I pray that as I read these chapters…my understanding of You will become more clarified.  Our world wants to keep You in generalities.  That way people can come to their own conclusions about You and they can also give themselves greater parameters of responsibility.  But You reveal Yourself with great detail and clarity…and, You identify what our responsibility is to You.  Help me to see and understand these truths more than ever before.


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