November 28

November 28


Ezekiel 40


There’s a Restoration Day Coming to Israel            Ezekiel 33-48, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40-48          Israel’s Adoration During the Millennium


40-48 These chapters are a complement to the many predictions of judgment announced by Ezekiel. He now foresees the rebuilding of the Temple, the establishment of a right relationship between the LORD (Yahweh) and Israel, and the reorganization of her national life, toe-tailed instructions are recorded for the building of this future Temple and for the service attached to it. The description is not of Solomon's Temple, the specifications being different and larger. If the description was given to help the exiles on their return from Babylon to rebuild the Temple, it is inexplicable why Ezra, Nehemiah, or Haggai do not refer to it. If it is a description of God's relation to the Church, then it is so symbolic as to be meaningless. If understood plainly, the Temple and worship here referred to must relate to Israel when she is reestablished in her land (cf. chapters 47-48) during Christ's millennial kingdom.

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on chapters 40-48, p. 1289


Ezekiel 40-43-A Vision of the New Temple in Jerusalem


Ezekiel 40:1-4-The date is March-April of 573 B.C. Jerusalem had been conquered.  God takes Ezekiel to Jerusalem in a vision and shows him what will happen in Israel in the Millennial Kingdom.  He is commanded to tell Israel about all that he is shown.  The phrase "a man" (:3), evidently means the same as “the Angel of the Lord”…in other words, the Lord Himself (cf. 44:2,5).


Ezekiel 40:5-27-The measurements of the outer court and its three gates

  • this was a wall that surrounded the entire Temple area
  • “line of flax”-for making long measurements; “measuring rod”-for making short measurements
  • "a cubit and a handbreadth"-20.679 inches; "rod"-10 1/3 ft.


Ezekiel 40:28-47-The measurements of the inner court and its three gates

  • the inner court was built on an elevated level


Ezekiel 40:48-49-The measurements of the Temple


Prayer: Lord, when we gather together for worship now…it is a wonderful experience.  We sense Your presence with us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  But, Lord…one day, when we gather in the New Temple…we will not just sense Your presence…but we will fully realize Your presence.  The limitations of this old fleshy, physical body will be done away with and we will live in our new, spiritual bodies.  Bodies made specifically for Heaven.  There will be nothing that will inhibit us from being in Your presence…nothing that will inhibit us from knowing You fully.  What a time of worship that will be!


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