November 24

November 24


Ezekiel 32-33


There’s a Judgment Day Coming on the Nations     Ezekiel 25-32, cont’d.


Ezekiel 29:1-32:32-Judgment of Egypt (cont'd).


Ezekiel 32-The Lamentation for Egypt

Ezekiel 32:1-2-This vision came in February-March of 585 B.C. It was one year and seven months after the fall of Jerusalem.  Ezekiel is told to lament, to weep, over the destruction of Egypt.

Ezekiel 32:17-32-Here are all the nations that have been judged gathered in Sheol (a general term for the place of the dead).


There’s a Restoration Day Coming to Israel            Ezekiel 33-48


Ezekiel 33-39          Israel’s Restoration During the Tribulation


Ezekiel 33-The Watchman of Israel

Ezekiel 33:1-20-These are prophecies concerning the restoration of Israel.  God tells Ezekiel that he will be held responsible for communicating the prophecies that he is given to the people.  After waiting for 7 years, Jerusalem had fallen.  Now Ezekiel could begin a ministry of hope and promise.  However, God tells him that the people will come and listen to him merely for entertainment...they have no intention of doing what God has said (:31).  He is reminded that part of his prophetic ministry was to be a “watchman” (:1-9; cf. 3:17,18-21)...a person who signals the approach of danger. While God will certainly send judgment for sin…even that judgment is His attempt to lead people to repent of their sin.  In fact, He warns them ahead of time that judgment is coming so that they can repent before it takes place (:11).

Ezekiel 33:21-33-Jerusalem has been under attack for seven years…and has finally been destroyed by the Babylonians. Now the refugees have made their way to Babylon.  The come to Ezekiel and give him the sad news.  This event was spoken of in 24:26.  For some time he had been unable to speak…but now, God had opened his mouth (:22).  However, God tells him that although the people will come to hear what he has to say…they will not do it.  They will continue, even after they have experienced the judgment of God, to follow their own desires (:31).  But, when what he has said comes to pass, then they will know that a prophet has been in their midst (:30-33).


Prayer: Lord, it must have been discouraging for Ezekiel.  He had a word directly from You.  He faithfully proclaimed Your word.  And yet, the people continued in their sinfulness.  Please help me to be faithful to You…even when others are not.  Help me to be faithful to proclaim Your word to others.  And help me to be faithful to live obediently whether others do so, or not.


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