November 13

Hebrews 10:1-23

He Is Great Because of the Order of His Priesthood (7:1-10:18), cont’d.

The Preeminence of the Order of His Priesthood (7:1-10:18), cont’d.

As Seen In Its Contrast to Aaron, cont’d.


  • It is Completed in Its Order (10:1-18)


This is a chapter of contrast between the priesthood of Aaron and the priesthood of Jesus that is based on the completion of the work of each.  There are numerous words that speak of time, or of something that is either completed or continuing (also a matter of time).  In the following references notice that the ministry of the priesthood of Aaron is continuing and incomplete.  Whereas the ministry of Jesus is finished, complete.


  • “year by year” (:1)
  • “continually” (:1)
  • “would they not have ceased” (:2)…it is saying that they did not but continued
  • “having once been cleansed” (:2)…it is saying this did not take place but continued
  • “a reminder year by year” (:3)
  • “stands daily” (:11)
  • “time after time” (:11)


  • “once for all” (:10)
  • “having offered one sacrifice for all time” (:12)
  • “no longer any offering for sin” (:18)

The point that Paul is establishing is that Jesus’ Priesthood is greater than Aaron’s because He settled the issue of sin once and for all.


Hebrews 10:1-18-The Permanence of the Heavenly Sacrifice

The sacrifices of the Aaronic priesthood were a reminder of sin (:1-11)

The sacrifice of Jesus was a payment for sin (:10-18)


The People of the Order of His Priesthood (10:19-39)

They Are Called to Live a New Way of Life (:19-25)


Paul says, “Since, therefore, brethren…”, speaking of what we have learned about the Priesthood of Jesus, and then gives a direct application of how it should affect our lives.  This is a “new and living way”…as opposed to the previous way of life that was determined and dictated by laws and ritual.  Three times Paul says, “Let us…” (:22,23,24), identifying three elements of this new life in Christ.  Because Jesus is our great High Priest…


  • We Draw Near because of the Assurance of our Faith (:22). In verse 19, Paul reminds us that we have access to the presence of God.  Not just the High Priest and only on one day a year (cf. 9:7).  But every believer can now enter into the presence of God because Jesus has cleansed us from the sin that separated us from Him.
  • We Stand Strong because of the Confession of our Hope (:23). These Jewish believers were being persecuted because they no longer participated in the rituals of the Temple.  Jesus had completely fulfilled all of its demands.  At times this must have been extremely difficult.  But Paul admonishes them to remain strong in the knowledge and realization of Who Jesus was and what He did.


Prayer: Lord, it is only because of You that we can have faith, at all.  So, if we are to believe...please help us to have the "full assurance" of belief in You, and nothing less.

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