The Temple Missions Ministry is dedicated to the vision set by our church to live in the Kingdom NOW as apprentices of Jesus Christ. As part of this vision, our Mission Team, using the Holy Bible as our standard, will follow the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of the Nations, known as The Great Commission. In Acts 1:8, Jesus commands the apostles to “be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Our Missions Ministry will equip its members to fulfill the biblical mandate of going into the entire world, will support its members both prayerfully and financially, and will deploy them to engage in the ministry to which God has called them.

Our Jerusalem
(New Bern & Eastern NC)
ABA (Our Association)
LOVE Craven
Stoke of Faith Farm
(Our State)
(Our Nation)
Appalachian Outreach
To the Ends of the World
True Justice Intl


OUR JERUSALEM (New Bern, Eastern NC)


ABA - Atlantic Baptist Association
Through cooperative work within our Association of churches, we help give, train, implement and utilize local missions such as OCC and Seaman’s Center.  FMI, contact David Phelps @ 252-447-4593.

EPIC - Eastern Pregnancy Center of NC
We support through giving to the EPIC (Eastern Pregnancy Center of NC).  Proceeds go towards counseling, education, providing free pregnancy tests and other medical related services.  FMI go to www.easternpregnancy.net.

RCS - Religious Community Services
We support through monthly giving and Volunteer at our local Religious Community Services.  RCS addresses the basic needs of our community by providing food, clothing and shelter.  FMI contact RCS @ 252-633-2767 or go to www.rcsnewbern.com.

LOVE Craven
Working with other churches in our region, Love Craven is an Inter-denominational effort to reach the lost and forgotten in our community.  FMI contact Cheryl McCarthy @ 540-808-3409 or Rob Pate @ 252-633-3330 or rpate@templeonline.net.

Stroke of Faith Farms
We support the ministry of Stroke of Faith Farms as they desire to minister to children in crisis in Eastern NC.  Through love, compassion and encouragement of Jesus, this farm is a safe haven for all children.  FMI contact strokeoffaith@aol.com or visit www.strokeoffaith.org.

OCC - Operation Christmas Child
Each year our church promotes Operation Christmas Child.  By involving your family buying candy and toys and shipping them overseas, you are allowing a young boy or girl in poverty to experience God’s love for them.  To get involved contact Katie Atkinson @ sewandsawx2@hotmail.com or Lisa Brice at lbrice@templeonline.net.


JUDEA (Our State)


NCBM - NC Baptist Men/Baptists On Mission
Whenever natural disasters occur, NC Baptists are on the front lines helping with assessment, clean up, feeding, water purification and repairs.  Please go to www.baptistonmission.org to discover opportunities where you or your group may want to serve.


SAMARIA (Our Nation)


AO - Appalachian Outreach
Temple has been humbled to serve the good folks in Eastern TN for over 12 years.  We have built solid relationships over these years and this is a great way for anyone wanting to get involved in missions.  We participate every June/July of every year.  For an application and more information, please contact Hale Croom @ 252-671-9429 or Greg Bruno @ 252-259-5733.  You may also visit http://web.cn.edu/ao/.

NAMB - North American Mission Board
Temple is proud to be a part of the North American Mission Board which supports training, educating and sending missionaries across North America.  FMI contact www.namb.net.


TO THE ENDS OF THE WORLD (International)


Team Africa is about church planting, extending the Kingdom of God and working with two orphanages across the nation of Tanzania.  FMI please contact Doug Reinhardt @ 252-626-2133 or reinhardt7@embarqmail.com.

We have a team who works with children with special needs in orphanages in Belarus.  If you want to share Christ’s love for these children please contact Judy Dennis @252-637-6265.

Since 2009, Temple has been partnering Doug and Darla Millar on the Yucatan Peninsula with the Mayan people.  This is a short term mission trip opportunity (7-8 Days) - normally in mid-January to late February. For an application and more information, please contact Vickie Sevenski @ 252-670-7145  or sevenskigrammie@hotmail.com or visit the Mexico info page.

True Justice International
We support this ministry through giving, educating and sharing Christ’s love on a global scale to help restore humanity and all involved in human trafficking.  To support or FMI go to www.truejusticeinternational.org or locally by contacting Sarah Tellis @ 252-631-5111.