March 4

Numbers 32-33


A Second Chance Provided…the People Settling    Numbers 32-36


Numbers 32             The Eastern Tribes Settle In (Transjordan/Moab)


Numbers 32:1-42 Two and One-Half-Tribes (Reuben, Gad, Manasseh, :33) settle on the Eastern side of the Jordan River (Transjordan).

Numbers 32:1-5-Their reasoning for staying there was that they had a lot of livestock and that land had a lot of grazing area.

Numbers 32:6-32-Initially, Moses was not in favor of the idea because he thought that they were trying to avoid having to go into the Promised Land and face the inhabitants in war.  He compared their action to that of their fore-fathers 40 years earlier when they had come to this point in their journey.  He said that by turning away from God’s intent for them to live in the Promised land they were in effect turning away from God, Himself (:23).  This would have a discouraging affect upon the other tribes.  However, they agreed to send their armies across the Jordan to help the rest of the tribes capture their lands…and would not return until they have settled there (:18).

Numbers 32:33-42-The three tribes settle in their perspective territories.  Manasseh settled on the east side of the Jordan, but also had land on the west side (Josh. 22:7).


For a map showing the distribution of the Promised Land among the tribes of Israel see:


Numbers 33             The Journey of Wandering Reviewed


Numbers 33:1-49-A Review of the Journey from Egypt (Rameses) to Moab...41 stages (places they camped) are listed covering the 40 years.

Numbers 33:38-39-Aaron dies at Mount Hor, age 123, 40 years after coming out of Egypt.

Numbers 33:50-56-Instructions for possessing the Land.

Numbers 33:52-They are to drive out the inhabitants, destroy all of their objects and places of worship.

Numbers 33:53-Here is God’s promise to them: "I have given the land to you to possess it."

Numbers 33:54-56-God tells them that if they do not totally drive out the inhabitants of the land that the inhabitants will become trouble for them in the future...and God says that He will do to them, the very things that He has done to its current inhabitants.  Israel did not do as they were instructed…and this would eventually lead to their destruction and deportation by Assyria and Babylon.


Prayer: Father, You always know what is best for me.  I may not understand everything or be able to explain it…and yet, You do.  Please give me faith during those times to do exactly what You tell me to do.  Help me to realize that it isn’t my knowledge or understanding of all of the facts and details that should determine my decisions.  But, Your knowledge and understanding and my faith in You.

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