March 27

Joshua 19-20


Dividing the Land of Canaan                  Joshua 13:1-21:45, cont’d.


Joshua 19:1-9-The Territory of Simeon

The Territory that was assigned to Simeon was located within the borders of Judah…because the Territory that had been assigned to Judah was too large for them.


Joshua 19:10-16-The Territory of Zebulun

The Territory of Zebulun included Bethlehem.


Joshua 19:17-23-The Territory of Issachar


Joshua 19:24-31-The Territory of Asher


Joshua 19:32-39-The Territory of Naphtali.


Joshua 19:40-48-The territory of Dan.


Joshua 19:49-24:22                       Designation of Certain Cities in Canaan


Joshua 19:49-51-The City Given to Joshua

A special presentation to Joshua (the city of Timnath-serah, in Ephraim, :49-51).


Joshua 20:1-9-The Cities Given for Cities of Refuge

Kadesh (Galilee), Shechem (Ephraim), Kiriarth-arba (Hebron)…to the east of the Jordan-Bezer (Reuben), Ramoth (Gad), Golan (Manasseh).


20:1-9 Six cities of refuge are designated (as Moses had instructed…), three on each side of the Jordan, for protection of the unwitting slayer.  This protection was provided only in cases of unpremeditated murder.  The procedure indicated in verse 6 required that a person fleeing to one of these cities later had to stand trial in the community nearest the scene of the crime.  If found innocent of premeditated murder, he was returned to the city of refuge.  After the death of the high priest, he was free to return with impunity to his home city.  See Numbers 35:25-34 for criteria for judging.

Ryrie Study Bible, Joshua 20:1-9 footnote, p. 356


For additional information on the “cities of refuge” see:


Prayer: Lord, as I read about how the land was distributed I realize that they depended on You to decide how it was to be done when they cast lots.  Please give me the faith and trust in You to place my life wholly and completely into Your hands.  To trust Your decisions.  Your way is always the best way.

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