June 30

June 30


Job 19-20


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 15-21                  Accusations Round 2 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 19                       Job’s Response: Job says that it may not be until he is dead…but despite his present condition he knows that God will redeem him.  You’d better watch yourself!


Job 19:1-22-Job says that even if he has been at fault…he has sought help from God and found none.  Instead, by all appearances God has not only not helped him…but has made things worse (19:1-12).  Then he goes into detail explaining his condition (19:13-20).  For instance, he says that his friends abhor him (19:19), his wife is a stranger to him (19:17), his children despise him (19:18), and not only are his relationships broken, but he is barely clinging to life (19:20).  Job says that his fate is not entirely his fault, it is has been exacerbated by God.  He tells him that they should take pity on him (19:21), instead of judging him.

Job 19:23-27-But in a breath, Job turns from despair to faith.  He says that he wishes that what he is about to say could be written down in such a manner that it would never be forgotten.  So that people would hear of all that he has gone through…and yet, they would not be so caught up in his misfortune that they would miss the most important truth of all.  Job then makes one of the greatest statements of faith concerning bodily resurrection in the OT..."I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will take His stand on the earth.  Even after my skin is destroyed, yet from my flesh I shall see God; Whom I myself shall behold, and who my eyes shall see and not another." (19:25-27).  As he speaks these words he says that the comfort they give is almost overwhelming…”My heart faints within me” (19:27).


Then, suddenly, out of the depths of despair, as the sunlight breaks through a rift in the clouds, Job bursts forth into one of the Sublimest expressions of Faith ever uttered: I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES, and at last He will Stand upon the Earth; and, after my body is destroyed, apart from my flesh, I SHALL SEE GOD, and that not as a stranger (25-27).

Halley’s Bible Handbook, p. 245


Job 19:28-29-Finally, Job tells them to be careful in their judgment...because they will have to face the same standard.

Summary: Bildad paints a terrible picture of the judgment of God on the sinner.  But Job responds with a powerful statement of faith that he will be justified and see God even after he dies.


Job 20                       Zophar’s 2nd Accusation: Angered that Job is now accusing them of sin…he begins to accuse Job of various sinful actions for which he has no proof.


Job 20:1-3-Zophar tells Job that he was offended by Job's response.

Job 20:4-11-He then says that it doesn’t matter how great or mighty a man might become (:6)…he will soon die and face judgment.  People will not even remember him and his sons will give away all that he had worked so hard for.

Job 20:12-19-While all that he has gained seems at the moment to be pleasant, it will eventually lose its appeal and cause problems.  Zophar has no specific, identifiable indictment of sin that he can point to…so, he suggests that Job has unjustly taken land from others and has oppressed the poor (20:19).  There is nothing in the book that would support this.  It is probably just Zophar’s attempt to have something he has falsely construed that he can build his argument against Job on.

Job 20:20-29-He says that Job thinks that he is going to get away with his sinful behavior, and that is why he will not repent.  But experience tells us different.  Wise up, you're going to get what you deserve...God has determined it to be so (20:29).  You can observe it as a fact of life that God punishes the wicked, even while they live.


Prayer: Lord, it is amazing how Job kept faith in You.  Even though he didn’t have answers to all of his questions…he knew enough to trust You.  He knew very little about the resurrection and life after death.  But he knew enough to trust You with it.  I pray that You will help me to keep my faith firmly focused on You during my times of struggle.  Help me to trust You no matter what is happening.  Help me to know that this life, along with all of its difficulties, is only brief.  Then comes Heaven and Your eternal presence.  Let that truth be a stabilizing fact in me.

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