June 26

June 26


Job 7-9


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 3-14                    Accusations Round 1 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 6-7                      Job’s Response: Show me where I have sinned.  I have done nothing to deserve this much sorrow and pain, cont’d.


Job 7:1-21-Job tells God that there is no rest from his suffering...whether he is awake, or asleep.  He then asks God to show him where he has sinned, if indeed Eliphaz is correct in his assessment of the reason for his condition.  And, if he has sinned, why does God not pardon him for his sin? (:21).

Summary: Eliphaz says: My own experience in life reveals that you get what you deserve.  Job: I did nothing to deserve this.


Job 8                          Bildad’s 1st Accusation: God is punishing you and your children for sin…seek God (he appeals to tradition, the teachings of his predecessors)


Job 8:1-22-Bildad was not as diplomatic or sensitive as Eliphaz was.  He goes straight to the point and doesn’t worry that what he says may hurt the feelings of Job.  He basically tells Job that he is deceiving himself by not admitting that he has sinned and wants to know how long he plans to continue doing so.  He then tells Job that his sons got what they deserved...and the same is true of Job.  This is what our forefathers taught.  Our traditions don't depend on our own wisdom...but on that of people who are older and far smarter than you (:8).  The problem has to lie with your sin...because God will support the righteous and not the evil (:20).  If you seek God…then He will “restore your righteous estate” (:6).  So, quit trying to defend yourself.


Job 9-10                    Job’s Response: Not all the wicked suffer and not all the righteous live without suffering.  Life doesn’t appear to be fair.

Job complains bitterly…and wishes that he had never been born.


Job 9:1-10:22-Job replies to Bildad (#1)

Job 9:1-35-Job agrees in part, saying that it is not possible for a sinful man to be right before a righteous God (:2).  God is more powerful than man (:3-12)...and God is more righteous than man (:13-19)...these two are joined together in one verse (:19).


9:13 Rahab. A mythological monster who was subdued by Marduk, and thus a figurative expression for pride.

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on Job 9:13, p. 758


However, Job declares his innocence and therefore, there must be another reason for his suffering (:21-24).  He then says that even though he is innocent, it does him no good to declare it...because he is still suffering.  Positive thinking will not help (:27-29).  Positive actions will not help (:30-31).  Job says that he has no other recourse, he feels helpless.  He cannot go to God himself since God is not a man, and there is no arbitrator between them (:32-35).


Prayer: Father, I thank You that I have an advocate…Jesus.  When I don’t know what to do, or when I am convicted of sin…I can go to Jesus and He will speak to You on my behalf.  I don’t have to feel helpless, like Job did.  The Holy Spirit then gives me comfort that my sin has been forgiven.  Thank You, Lord for Your work of grace in my life.

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