July 3

July 3


Job 26-28


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 22-31                  Accusations Round 3 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 26                       Job’s Response: You have not given me one bit of original advice or help.


Job 26:1-4-Job chastises Bildad for his inadequacy as a counselor.


Job 26:5-14-Then, Job makes a declaration of the incredible sovereignty of God over all things…and closes by saying that for all that we can see and observe, we only know the smallest bit about God.

In the midst of all of this arguing back and forth, and the casting of accusations and aspersions…it is important to remember that Job was going through a devastating time in his life.  In verses 5-13 Job briefly describes the awesome nature of God.  Then in verse 14 he says, “Behold, these are the fringes of His ways; and how faint a word we hear of Him!  But His mighty thunder, who can understand?"  It does me well to be reminded... that despite all that we think we know about God…we have barely scraped the surface…He far exceeds all of the cumulative knowledge of mankind, put together. I read an article yesterday about bioluminescent creatures in the depths of the ocean.  The author said that we think that we have conquered our planet and now we are venturing into outer space.  However, the truth is that we have explored only 3% of the earth’s oceans.  Imagine, we have barely begun to explore the depths of the oceans and yet we think that we know all about them…and we are now ready to take on the rest of the cosmos! ("Space, the final frontier...where no man has gone before.") That’s kind of the way we are about God.  He reveals a few scant things about Himself to us through His Word…and we think we have Him completely figured out and can move on to something bigger.  I need to remember, like Job said…that if I can barely understand the faint word, the little He has already revealed about Himself…how could I ever expect to understand if He thundered forth with a revelation of the fullness of His nature.  My mind would be totally overwhelmed. God enables us to understand everything that we need to know about Him...but that does not mean that we understand everything that there is to know about Him.  God far exceeds the limits of our human comprehension.  What an awesome God we have!  That's a good thing to know when going through a difficult season of life...as Job was...and as we do, on occasion, as well. Stop for a moment today...and read the Bible...listen, then listen again...for that faint word from God.  It will do your heart well.


Summary: Bildad has attempted to give a simple, generalized explanation to a very specific and personal problem.  Job says that the true explanation is something that God in all of His infinite wisdom knows.  But that at this point, he believes that the explanation is beyond their human understanding.


Job 27-31                  Job’s Summary Response: The wicked will be punished.  God knows everything.  God was blessing me.  Now, I am suffering…though I am innocent.  I don’t like it.  God is allowing it.  I don’t understand why, or think it’s fair.  I trust God.  I’m through talking.


Job 27:1-6-Job tells his counselors that he will never falsely admit that he had sinned, that he will not compromise his integrity by agreeing to something that he does not agree with…either to satisfy them, or that by some chance an admission of guilt—even though not genuine—would bring him relief from his suffering.  He will stick to his story...he has not sinned in the manner that they have accused him and therefore, he has done nothing that would be deserving of the suffering he is encountering.

Job 27:7-23-Job now agrees that when a man sins he is usually condemned by God and that is evidenced in his judgment as seen through suffering here on earth.


27:8-23-Some think this is Zophar's third speech (though he is not mentioned by name).  Others think that Job is sarcastically arguing Zophar's case for him (cf. chap. 20)…before he has a chance of his own.


Job 28:1-11-Job describes how men work diligently to mine precious metals and stones from the ground.  His point is that they know how to do it.  His point is that in a similar manner men should know how to mine for wisdom.

Job 28:12-28-Job now speaks of wisdom.  Man doesn't know where to find it (:14), how to get to it (it can't be bought, :15), or what its real value is (:16-22).  Only God knows where wisdom is...because it comes from Him (:23).  God's wisdom is evidenced in the fabric of His creation (:24-27).  God tells mankind that the place to begin gaining wisdom...is to fear the Lord...and the result of fearing God is that you will not practice evil (:28).


Prayer: Father, You are the answer to all things.  All wisdom and knowledge and understanding lie in You.  I pray that You will help me to know You better each and every day.  By knowing You, I will have the answers to the philosophical questions of my mind and the practical questions of my life.

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