January 11

Genesis 27-28

Genesis 21-35 The beloved son…Isaac, cont’d.
Genesis 25-39 The father of the nation of Israel (Jacob), cont’d.

Genesis 27:1-46-Isaac was now an old man (137 years old; but, he lived another 47 years…cf. 35:28)…and thought that he might die at any time. So, he decided to pronounce his blessing over his first-born son, Esau. Rebekah heard him tell Esau to prepare him a meal and bring it to him so that he could bless him. So, she quickly sent for Jacob. She told him to bring her an animal from the flock that she could prepare for Isaac…so that Jacob could take it to his father and pretend that he is Esau. Then, Isaac would bless him by mistake. Jacob was concerned that his father would realize it was him and not Esau…because his brother was a hairy man and he wasn’t. But Rebekah told him that they would cover his hands with the skin of an animal and when Isaac felt it he would think that it was the hairy arms of Esau. Evidently, Isaac’s physical senses had been extremely dulled with age (:1). The plan worked and Isaac gave Jacob the blessing intended for Esau. Soon after Jacob left, Esau came in to present his food. When Isaac and Esau realized what had happened Esau pleaded with his father to bless him…but the blessing had already been given to Jacob and could not be rescinded. Esau became angry and swore vengeance against Jacob. Again, Rebekah heard what had been said and she sent Jacob away to live with her brother, Laban. She told Jacob that she would send for him when his brother’s temper had calmed (:44-45). Rebekah told Isaac that she wanted to send Jacob to Laban so that he could marry a family member…because she was “tired of living because of the daughters of Heth”…speaking of the wives of Esau that were Hitites and had “brought grief” to them (26:34-35). Jacob went to his grandfather’s (and uncle Laban’s) home and ended up staying many years…Rebeka never sent for him and she never saw her son, again.
Genesis 28:1-4-Isaac sends Jacob on his journey and gives him the promise of the covenant that his father (Abraham) had given to him.
Genesis 28:5-9-Esau realized that his parents were not happy that he had married outside of the family (women who were not of the Hebrew people)…so, he marries a daughter of Ishmael, Mahalath.
Genesis 28:10-As Jacob was traveling he stopped to camp. He found a rock and used it for a pillow. That night, he had a dream in which he saw a ladder that led from earth to Heaven…and angels were going back and forth. The LORD stood at the top and He spoke to Jacob, reaffirming the blessing of his father concerning the covenant that He had made with Abraham and that it extended through him. God added, “I will be with you, and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land.” What an amazing promise! Based upon this promise, Jacob became a believer in the LORD (:21). He used the rock that he had placed under his head to build an altar and poured oil over it as an act of consecration. He named the place “Bethel”…which means “house of God.” The only other city mentioned more frequently in the Old Testament than Bethel is Jerusalem. He then promised to give back to God a tenth of all that He gives him as an act of his acknowledgement of Who He is. In verse 16, Jacob said, "Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it". How often that is true of us? God is in our midst and we miss Him.

Prayer: Father, don’t let me miss You. I’m not just talking about Your reality…but Your presence. Help me to always be aware of Your presence and to live accordingly.

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