Read thru Old Testament – February 6, 2017

February 6


Exodus 39-40


The Design for Worship, cont’d.          Exodus 25-40


Exodus 35-40         The Construction of the Tabernacle, cont’d.


Exodus 39:1-31-The clothes for Aaron and his sons.


For a more detailed picture and description of the Priest’s clothing see:


Exodus 39:32-43-All of the construction and sewing for the Tabernacle, its contents, and the clothes of the priests was completed. Moses now inspects the work.

8 times (in chapter 39) and 7 times (in chapter 40), it says that they had done the work, "just as the LORD had commanded Moses"...and 2 times (chapter 39) and 1 time (chapter 40) "all that the LORD had commanded Moses".  There was great attention given here to being sure that what was done was according to what God wanted...not to what Moses, or the people wanted.

Exodus 40:2,17-On the first day of the first month of the second year since leaving Egypt the Tabernacle was erected…one year after the Exodus from Egypt (cf. 12:2) and nine months after arriving at Sinai (cf. 19:1).

Exodus 40:34-38-The glory of the LORD filled the Tabernacle. This was a sign of His approval of what the people had done.  The glory of the LORD was present and visible to the people during their entire time in the the form of a cloud by day, and fire in the cloud at night.  When the cloud was over the Tabernacle they stayed camped in that place...but, when it lifted up they would begin to travel, again.  The cloud led them in their travels through the desert (cf. 33:9).


Prayer: Lord, I pray that my life would be characterized by the words found here…”just as the LORD commanded.” Please help me to live my life…moment by moment…in keeping with Your will.  And Lord, please let Your glory fill my life!

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