Read thru Old Testament – February 12, 2017

February 12

Leviticus 14


The Walk with God…Sanctification     Leviticus 11-27, cont’d.


Leviticus 11-15 The Laws Concerning Purity, cont’d.


Leviticus 13-14-Purity concerning Leprosy, cont’d.


Leviticus 14:1-33-Cleansing for a person

The "oil" was not cooking oil, or motor was much like a cologne, or perfume.  When the person cleansed of leprosy left the ceremony his/her hair had been shaved off so that anyone who saw them would be able to see that there was no leprosy, anywhere (i.e.-none hidden by hair); and, the aroma of the oil (used only in the Tabernacle) would be a sign that the Priest had declared them clean.


  1. Then the priest shall command to take for him who is to be cleansed two living and clean birds: In this cleansing ceremony, one bird was killed in an earthen vessel over running water, and its blood was applied to a living bird, to some cedar wood, to some scarlet fabric, and to some hyssop. Then, using these things, the blood was sprinkled on the one who was cleansed from leprosy. Then, the living bird was let go.
  2. This seems to be a picture of Jesus' death and its spiritual application; a "heavenly" being (as a bird is "of the heavens") dies in an earthen vessel, while remaining clean (because of the running water). The death of the bird is associated with blood and water; the blood is connected with life (applied to the living bird), and then applied to the one cleansed.
  3. Cedar wood: Cedar is extremely resistant to disease and rot, and these qualities may be the reason for including it here - as well as a symbolic reference to the wood of the cross. Some even think the cross Jesus was crucified on was made of cedar.

iii. The connection with hyssop is also important. Jesus was offered drink from a hyssop branch on the cross (Matthew 27:48), and when David said purge me with hyssop in Psalm 51:7, he was admitted that he was as bad as a leper.

  1. He shall shave all the hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows: After the sacrificial ceremony with the birds, the cleansed leper had to wash their clothes and shave off all of their hair. They started all over again, as if they were a brand new baby.
  2. Again, this seems to be an illustration of being "born again" - a completely new start.

David Guzik :: Study Guide for Leviticus 14,


14:1-32 The elaborate ritual for cleansing for a leper involved two birds, one killed as a symbol of purification and the other released as a symbol of the man’s newfound freedom (vv. 4-7)…

The Ryrie Study Bible, 14:1-32 footnote, p. 179


Leviticus 14:34-57-Cleansing for a house.


There remains a curious question as regards the leprosy of garments and houses. Some have thought garments worn by leprous patients were intended. This classing of garments and house-walls with the human epidermis, as leprous, has moved the mirth of some and the wonder of others. Yet modern science has established what goes far to vindicate the Mosaic classification as more philosophical than such cavils. It is now known that there are some skin diseases which originate in an acarus (a kind of mite), and others which proceed from a fungus. In these we may probably find the solution of the paradox. The analogy between the insect which frets the human skin and that which frets the garment that covers it—between the fungous growth that lines the crevices of the epidermis and that which creeps in the interstices of masonry—is close enough for the purposes of a ceremonial law. It is manifest also that a disease in the human subject caused by an acarus or by a fungus would be certainly contagious, since the propagative cause could be transferred from person to person.


Prayer:  Lord, as devastating as leprosy is…sin is even more so. Thank You for cleansing me of sin.  Thank You that I am a new person.  Please help me to be Your living example of forgiveness.

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