December 7

2 John

2 John 1:1-3       His Introduction


  1. The Elder: The writer of this book identifies himself as the Elder. Presumably, his first readers knew exactly who he was, and from the earliest times, Christians have understood this was the apostle John writing.
  2. "John the apostle, who was now a very old man, generally supposed to be about ninety, and therefore uses the term presbyter or elder, not as the name of an office, but as designated his advanced age. He is allowed to have been the oldest of all the apostles, and to have been the only one who died a natural death." (Clarke)

David Guzik :: Study Guide for 2 John 1,


2 John 1:1-The word “chosen” speaks of those that God has selected to be saved…and He selects to save those who receive Christ by faith.


Choice, Choose, Chosen:

akin to A, No. 1, signifies "chosen out, select," e.g., Mat 22:14; Luk 23:35; Rom 16:13 (perhaps in the sense of "eminent"); Rev 17:14. In 1Pe 2:4, 9, the RV translates it "elect."

Elect, Elected, Election:

lit. signifies "picked out, chosen" (ek, "from," lego, "to gather, pick out"), and is used of

(a) Christ, the "chosen" of God, as the Messiah, Luk 23:35 (for the verb in Luk 9:35 see Note below), and metaphorically as a "living Stone," "a chief corner Stone," 1Pe 2:4, 6; some mss. have it in Jhn 1:34, instead of huios, "Son;"

(b) angels, 1Ti 5:21, as "chosen" to be of especially high rank in administrative association with God, or as His messengers to human beings, doubtless in contrast to fallen angels (see 2Pe 2:4; Jud 1:6);

(c) believers (Jews or Gentiles), Mat 24:22, 24, 31; Mar 13:20, 22, 27; Luk 18:7; Rom 8:33; Col 3:12; 2Ti 2:10; Tts 1:1; 1Pe 1:1; 2:9 (as a spiritual race); Mat 20:16; 22:14; Rev 17:14, "chosen;" individual believers are so mentioned in Rom 16:13; 2Jo 1:1, 13.

Believers were "chosen" "before the foundation of the world" (cp. "before times eternal," 2Ti 1:9), in Christ, Eph 1:4, to adoption, Eph 1:5; good works, Eph 2:10; conformity to Christ, Rom 8:29; salvation from the delusions of the Antichrist and the doom of the deluded, 2Th 2:13; eternal glory, Rom 9:23.

The source of their "election" is God's grace, not human will, Eph 1:4, 5; Rom 9:11; 11:5. They are given by God the Father to Christ as the fruit of His death, all being foreknown and foreseen by God, Jhn 17:6; Rom 8:29. While Christ's death was sufficient for all men, and is effective in the case of the "elect," yet men are treated as responsible, being capable of the will and power to choose.

Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words,


There are two general opinions about who "the chosen lady" is: 1-a figurative way of speaking of a particular church...the "chosen sister" (v. 13) would then be another church; 2-an individual Christian..."chosen sister" would then be a natural sister. (Ryrie Study Bible, Introduction to the Second Letter of John, p. 1886)


iii. John probably did not name himself, the elect lady or her children by name because this was written during a time of persecution. Perhaps John didn't want to implicate anyone by name in a written letter. If the letter was intercepted and the authorities knew who it was written to by name, it might mean death for those persons.

David Guzik :: Study Guide for 2 John 1,


2 John 1:4          His Praise for Their Faithfulness


If this is a letter to a church…John is glad to know that the members are faithfully following the Lord.


2 John 1:5-6       His Encouragement to Love One Another


John encourages this "chosen lady" to love others, and in that way to obey God's commandment.


2 John 1:7-11     His Warning to Beware of False Teachers


There are deceivers, antichrists who are claiming that Jesus did not live in the flesh (see 1 John for information about these Gnostics).  He warns them to not fall for this deceptive teaching.  If someone falls for this false is proof that they are not a true believer (:8-9).

If someone comes to your home with this false teaching do not let them do so is to be a part of the evil which he is advancing (:10-11).


2 John 1:12-13  His Goodbye

Prayer: Father, thank You that You sent Your Son to live in the flesh...that Jesus was actually human.  Help me to understand and believe this.  Don't let me be influenced by any other teaching.


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