December 24


Revelation 15


Jesus is Sovereign over the Future (Revelation 4-22), cont’d.

Revelation 14-15     Preparations in Heaven for the Judgment on Earth, cont’d. (Content Chapter)


Revelation 15:1-Observation #5-The Seven Angels with the Seven Plagues

John now sees seven angels that are given possession of seven bowls that contain seven plagues (acts of God’s judgment)..."which are the last, because in them the wrath of God is finished".  This tells us that the three sets of God's judgment...seals, trumpets, bowls...are three separate sets that come in sequence.  John is not telling us about one set of judgments three different times.  This is the “last” of three.

The word “bowl” (“vial”-KJV) speaks of a broad, shallow bowl.


Revelation 15:2-4-Observation #6-The Worship of those Saved During the Tribulation

He now sees those who have been saved during the Tribulation, holding harps and singing praise to God.  They sing the "song of Moses, the bond-servant of God” (Exodus 15:1; Deuteronomy 32:1-43), and the “song of the Lamb" (Revelation 5:9).


Revelation 15:5-7-Observation #7-The Holy of Holies in Heaven Standing Open

The "temple of the tabernacle of the testimony" is the Holy of Holies.  Seven angels come out of the temple and one of the four living creatures gives each of them a bowl "full of the wrath of God"…speaking of the judgment of God.  These bowls represent the last seven acts of judgment that God will pour out on the earth.  No one is allowed back into the temple until this judgment is complete.


Prayer: Lord, I thank You that one day I will stand in Heaven with the redeemed of all the ages and sing praises to Your name.  But Lord, please help me to begin practicing that song of praise, now!  Help me to see Your glory and to lift up my voice in praise to You.

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