December 21

December 21


Micah 6-7


A Message Clarifying the Indictment of God                      Micah 6-7

The Scene is a Courtroom (Israel is on trial)

In this prophecy, Micah portrays a courtroom scene.  God is the prosecutor and Israel is the defendant.  God will present evidence that Israel is guilty of sin against Him.


Micah 6:1-5            God’s 1st Indictment

Indictment #1-God presents His case by revealing evidence against Israel.  He tells Israel to remember all that He has done on their behalf in order that they "might know the righteous acts of the LORD".  He reminds them that He:

  1. rescued Israel from Egypt (:4)
  2. sent them leaders such as Moses, Aaron, and Miriam (:4)
  3. would not allow them to be cursed by Balaam (:5, cf. Numbers 23-24)…this is an example of His protection of them
  4. brought them into the Promised Land (:5, Shittim was the last place east of the Jordan that they camped before entering into the Promised Land and Gilgal was the first place they camped on the west side of the Jordan).


Micah 6:6-7            Israel’s Defense to God

Israel admits that it is well aware of what God has required of them...and yet, has not done it.  So, they propose to offer sacrifices to pay for their sin.  That will satisfy God and everything will be fine.


Micah 6:8               God’s Response

But God tells them that if they knew that what they were doing was sin…then they shouldn’t have done it.  No man should presume that they can willfully sin against God and then just offer a sacrifice and everything will be fine.  There are consequences for sin.


Micah 6:9-16          God’s 2nd Indictment

Indictment #2-God says that the people are deceitful…mistreating one another and taking advantage of those who cannot protect themselves.  He says that the merchants use false measurements in their business dealings (:11) and that the leaders are so used to telling lies that they can no longer distinguish the truth for themselves (:12).  Therefore, He is going to judge them in such a way that no matter how hard they try, whatever they do will not be productive (:13-15).  For instance:

  • no matter how much they eat, they will still be hungry (:14)
  • you will try to save money, but will never have enough (:14)
  • you will plant crops, but they will never bear in abundance (:15).
  • they worship other gods and look to them for help, but they do them no good (:16).

Therefore, God is going to give them over to destruction (:16).


Micah 7:1-10          Micah’s Decision for God

Micah looks at the people of Israel and says that after hearing God’s Indictment he can find no one that is not guilty.  They all stand guilty as accused (:1-2a).  Micah then describes how deceptive they are…from prince, to judge, to “the best of them” (:2b-4).  Israel confesses that they are all sinful and that no one can be trusted (:5-6).  Israel says that they will trust in the Lord and will be strong.  Even though she may appear to be defeated at the moment…she will rise up, again (:7-8).  Eventually, God will save Israel and she will be vindicated before all other nations because she trusted in the Lord (:9-10).


Micah 7:11-17        God’s Promises to the People

Micah again looks to Israel’s future in the Millennial Kingdom.  Her blessings at that time will include:

  • restoration to the Promised Land (:11-13)
  • God’s protection and provision as He had given when He rescued them from Egypt (:14-15)
  • she will be exalted over all other nations (:16-17).


Micah 7:18-20        Micah’s Description of God

Micah now gives praise to God by considering the attributes of His nature.  He says that there is no other god like Him.  Micah speaks specifically of God’s greatness in terms of His forgiveness of sin.  God…

  • “pardons iniquity” (:18)
  • “passes over the rebellious act” (:18)
  • “does not retain His anger forever” (:18)
  • “will again have compassion on us” (:19)
  • “will tread our iniquities underfoot” (:19)
  • “wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea” (:19).

What an awesome God…that He should forgive us of our sins! This will all be based on the covenant which God made with Abraham when the nation had its very beginning (:20).  It began then when God established it…and nothing has changed.


Prayer: Lord, You are a covenant keeping God.  Despite all that Israel has done and has even yet to do…You will keep Your covenant with her.  Nothing she does can affect that.  That gives me great comfort, Lord.  It reminds me that You will keep the covenant of grace that You made with me through Jesus.  There is nothing that can ever change it.  You determined it.  You established it.  You provide for it.  You protect it.  My salvation is secure in You.  Thank You, Lord.


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