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Each month we dive into a new, exciting virtue that helps us discover all that God is trying to teach us! The video below changes each month and talks about which ever virtue we're doing that month. Be sure to check it out and as always if you have any questions please feel free to give us a SHOUT! The link to our Facebook page is at the bottom so be sure to LIKE us and stay updated! Thank you for checking us out today! God Bless!



Temple loves kids, and kids love Temple! The desire of our children's ministry is simple: teach the kids about the love of God and create an environment where kids and parents want to come back. Imagine the end....your child is turning 18 and possibly moving out of the house, starting a career or going to college. We hope that through partnering with you the parent we can help teach your children 3 basic truths:


We do this through creating an environment of small groups and a large group time. Each child will connect in a small group that is gender and grade specific and will have a leader that wants to invest in their lives. Each child will experience small groups, bible stories and their very own praise and worship. It is a great time for kids to fellowship with their fellow peers and enjoy a wonderful time of love and compassion.

Sunday Mornings:

We have a service at 10:30 am so please come join us and experience in joining the light of the church and the love of the family in creating the Orange experience.


You ask....What is Orange?

Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the brilliance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church and the love of the family, the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone.

Orange is a comprehensive plan. Imagine every leader and every parent in our church with exactly the same strategy in mind for reaching the end goal. From preschool to college, it draws on the elements of wonder, discovery and passion, infusing them into children, students and young adults. Why? To see God for who He is, to help young people see themselves the way God sees them, so that they can love others the way God does.

Strategically Synchronized

Orange is the only curriculum that offers a consistent, unifying strategic plan from preschool through college. Part of the overall strategy is to synchronize the efforts of all leaders and establish consistency in the lives of kids and teenagers from preschool through college.

Relationally Driven

Our strategy emphasizes small groups, making it easy to connect kids to mentors and leaders who can personally invest in them.

Parent Linked

Every Orange curriculum has unique “parent cues” that connect and engage them in the overall strategy.


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