August 9

August 9


Psalms 85-87


Book #3: 73-89, cont’d.


Psalm 85


Psalm 85:1-3-Israel was going through some type of unknown identified difficulty.  The Psalmist recalls how God has ministered to them in a variety of ways in the past.  Notice the words that show God’s positive action towards them: “favor…restore…forgive…cover” (:1-2).  And, notice the words that showed how God restrained from negatively judging them: “withdraw all Thy fury…turn away from Thy burning anger” (:3).

Psalm 85:4-7-So now, he calls upon God to again "restore us" (:4), and "revive us" (:6)...asking how long His anger will continue against them.  He asks that God, “Show us Thy lovingkindness…grant us Thy salvation” (:7).

Psalm 85:8-13-He says that whatever God tells him he will repeat to the people...and then, surely love and truth, and righteousness and peace will return (:10-11).


Psalm 86


This is the only Psalm by David in Book 3.


Psalm 86:1-10-David asks God to help him.  He identifies numerous reasons on which he bases his prayer.  Some pertain to himself and some to God.  He anticipates that God will answer his prayer:

  • because he is afflicted and needy (:1)
  • because he is a godly man (:2)
  • because God is his God (:2)
  • because he is God’s servant (:2,4)
  • because he trusts in God (:2)
  • because God is a gracious God (:3)
  • because he prays all day long (:3)
  • because God is the One Who can give gladness (:4)
  • because it is to God that he prays (:4)
  • because of God's good nature (:5)
  • because God is ready to forgive (:5)
  • because God is abundant in lovingkindness (:5)
  • because God hears our prayers (:6)
  • because he is confident that He will answer (:7)
  • because there is no one else who compares to God (:8)
  • because God’s works exceed all others (:8)
  • because God is God over all nations (:9)
  • because God has proven Who He is by His works (:10)
  • because God is the only true God (:10).Psalm 86:14-17-David asks God to save him from those who are attacking him.  In doing so, it will be a sign to other people and they will be ashamed of their behavior.Psalm 87      This is a Psalm about the glory of Jerusalem.Psalm 87:1-2-God loves Jerusalem more than all of the other places that His people live.Psalm 87:7-Jerusalem is the place from which joy begins.Prayer: Lord, when I pray, help me to be mindful of the many reasons why I do so.  Don’t let me just pray in a routine, humdrum manner.  But set my heart on fire.  Help me to pray with conviction and purpose.  Help me to remember what an incredible privilege prayer is.  Help me to always be aware that prayer is conversation with You.  I’m not just talking to myself.  Let me pray in such a way that I realize that You are there with me and that my prayer is an act of reverence and worship, an expression of my faith in Who You are.
  • Psalm 87:3-6-There are many other wonderful cities.  Many people proudly say that these cities are their hometown.  But none compares with Jerusalem.  In fact, one of the most complimentary things that can be said about a person is that they were born in Jerusalem.
  • Psalm 86:11-13-David asks God to teach him how he should live and then he will follow it.  Then, he prays that God will "Unite my heart" so that he can give thanks "with all my heart" (:11,12).  In other words, he asks God to help him to pray without any reservation caused by fear or doubt.  This will result in his voicing thanksgiving and giving glory to God.
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