August 3

August 3


Psalms 70-72


Book #2: 42-72


Psalm 70


This Psalm is almost the same as 40:13-17.


Psalm 70:1-3-David tells God that people are trying to hurt him...and asks that they suffer the consequences of doing so.

Psalm 70:4-David encourages those who seek the Lord to rejoice and be glad in Him and to give Him praise

Psalm 70:5-David again calls on the Lord to help him...and to do so quickly


Psalm 71


There is no name given as author of this psalm


Psalm 71:1-6-The psalmist says that God has protected him all his life (:1-4), through the years of his youth (:5), and even since being in his mother's womb (:6).

Psalm 71:7-8-People "marvel" at how the Lord has provided for this man.

Psalm 71:9-21-Now the psalmist prays that God will not stop providing for him in his "old age" (:9).  He especially needs His help now that he is older because his enemies think that he has grown weak and they can now defeat him (:10-11).  He prays that God will make them ashamed for what they do to him (:12-13).  He says that he will continue to praise the Lord for His righteousness and salvation (:14-15).  He says that God’s blessings are of such great number that he cannot count them all (:15).  But that he will continue to mention all that he has done to other people (:16).

Psalm 71:17-21-The Psalmist says that God taught him when he was a youth…and asks that He continue to do so even when he is old…so that he might in turn teach the next generation about Him.

Psalm 71:22-24-The Psalmist says he will praise God with the harp, lyre, his lips, and soul, and tongue.


Psalm 72


This Psalm and 127 are the only two attributed to Solomon.


Psalm 72:1-7-Solomon prays that God will bless him in such a way that his reign as the King of Israel will be righteous and beneficial to the people.

Psalm 72:8-11-He prays that his reign will be expanded and larger.

Psalm 72:12-15-He says that the king will help the needy and oppressed.

Psalm 72:16-17-He asks that there be an abundance of God's blessings on the people.

Psalm 72:18-19-Solomon blesses the Lord.

Psalm 72:20-This is the close of Book 2 of the Psalms.


Prayer: Father, I pray as Solomon, that You will continue to speak to me as I grow older so that I might have a word from You to give to the next generation.  Help me to tell those who are younger of Your greatness.  Raise up this next generation to be the most faithful there has ever been.  Send them around the world with the message of Your Gospel and let us see an unprecedented movement of Your Holy Spirit.

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