August 20

August 20


Psalms 116-118


Book #5: 107-150, cont’d.


Psalm 116


Psalm 116:1-11-The Psalmist says that he loves the LORD because when he calls on Him in prayer, He always answers (:1-4).  This fact gives him great faith (:5-10).


Matthew Henry suggests two possible interpretations of verse 11…

  1. His fear (v. 11): I was greatly afflicted, and then I said in my haste (somewhat rashly and inconsiderately-in my amazement (so some), when I was in a consternation-in my flight (so others), when Saul was in pursuit of me), All men are liars, all with whom he had to do, Saul and all his courtiers; his friends, who he thought would stand by him, deserted him and disowned him when he fell into disgrace at court. And some think it is especially a reflection on Samuel, who had promised him the kingdom, but deceived him; for, says he, I shall one day perish by the hand of Saul, 1 Sa. 27:1
  2. …Some make this to be no rash word of David's. He was greatly afflicted and forced to fly, but he did not trust in man, nor make flesh his arm. No: he said, "All men are liars; as men of low degree are vanity, so men of high degree are a lie, and therefore my confidence was in God only, and in him I cannot be disappointed.' In this sense the apostle seems to take it. Rom. 3:4, Let God be true and every man a liar in comparison with God. All men are fickle and inconstant, and subject to change; and therefore let us cease from man and cleave to God.

Matthew Henry :: Commentary on Psalms 116,


Psalm 116:12-19-The Psalmist asks what can He possibly give to the LORD in return for all of His blessings (:12).  He says that he will call upon the LORD and pay his vows in the presence of the people so that His greatness may be known (:13-14).  He says that the death of one of His people, His “godly ones”, is “precious” (highly valued, prized, glorious) to God (:15).  The Psalmist declares that he is God’s servant and that he will “pay my vows” (a commitment he had made to God) to the Lord publicly, in plain view of all the people.  It is his desire for people to recognize his commitment to God.


Psalm 117


This is the shortest and middle chapter of the Bible.


Psalm 117:1-2-This Psalm is a call to praise the LORD for His lovingkindness and the truth He gives.


Psalm 118


This Psalm of thanksgiving was sung by worshipers in procession on their way to the Temple.


Psalm 118:1-4-These opening words call upon all the people to thank God for His lovingkindness.

Psalm 118:5-9-The Psalmist says that “The LORD is for me” and it is better to trust in Him than in anything, or anyone, else.  When God is for you there is nothing that man can ever do to you.  There is an interesting play on words in verse 5.  The word “distress” literally means “a tight place”.  The Psalmist was caught in the proverbial “tight spot”.  He called to the Lord and He put him into a “large place”.  In other words, God not only got him out of the tight spot, but he put him into a good situation.

Psalm 118:10-14-When he was attacked by neighboring nations the LORD was His strength, and song, and became his salvation.

Psalm 118:15-21-The Psalmist rejoices over the salvation of the Lord and that he can come into HIs presence.

Psalm 118:22-29-Verse 22 was quoted by Christ and applied to the rejection of Him by the Jewish people.  Notice that it is made clear that the rejection of Jesus was not just the result of coincidence…but, “This is the day which the LORD has made”…meaning that God had orchestrated the events that led up to their rejection.  It was all a part of His divine plan and guided by His divine sovereignty.  Jesus didn’t fail in His mission by being rejected by the Jewish people and being crucified.  No.  Instead, He perfectly fulfilled His mission.  As a result of the rejection of Jesus and His crucifixion…He was offered as the sacrifice to pay for our sins.  This is why the Psalmist cries out, “O LORD, do save, we pray!” (:25).  Verses 25-26 were spoken by the people on the day of His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  The Psalmist concludes with a declaration of his faith in God and calls upon his readers to give thanks to God for His lovingkindness (:27-29).


Prayer: Father, when I get into a tight spot, please rescue me.  Please get me out of the fix that I am in an put me in a large place, a good place.  So many times before you have cared for me and protected me and rescued me in the past.  I believe that You will do so again.  So I give You praise for it…before it ever even happens.


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