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Psalms 107-108


Book #5: 107-150


This is the last book, or grouping, of the Psalms.


Psalm 107


The Psalmist begins with a call to praise God (:1-3)...and concludes with a description of God's providence (:33-43).

In between these two sections of the Psalm he gives four pictures that describe the nation's deliverance from captivity.  They are disoriented travelers being guided to a city (:4-9), miserable prisoners in a dungeon being released (:10-16), sick men being restored to health (:17-22), and endangered sailors being safely brought to their destination (:23-32).  Each of these contains a problem, a prayer, God's provision, and praise.  Note the frequent mention of God's lovingkindness, His steadfast covenant love (:8,15,21,31,43).


Psalm 107:1-3-God is good and His lovingkindness lasts He should be praised by all people.  The word “redeemed” (:2) speaks of the fact that God delivered, or rescued, His people.  They come from every corner of the earth (:3).

Next are the four pictures of Israel’s deliverance.  They are seen as…

Psalm 107:4-9-disoriented travelers being guided to a city

  • Problem: They were lost, hungry, thirsty, and worn out (:4-5).
  • Prayer: They called out to God (:6a).
  • Provision: He led them out of the wilderness and into a city and they were filled with good things (:6b-7,9).
  • Praise: They gave thanks (:8).

Psalm 107:10-16-miserable prisoners in a dungeon being released

  • Problem: They are in prison because of their disobedience (:10-11).  God let them go there to learn a lesson (:12).
  • Prayer: They called out to God (:13a)
  • Provision: God set them free (:14).
  • Praise: They gave thanks (:15-16).

Psalm 107:17-22-sick men being restored to health

  • Problem: They are suffering because of their sin.  They were so sick that they were about to die (:17-18).
  • Prayer: They cried out to God (:19a).
  • Provision: God healed them and saved them from death (:19b-20).
  • Praise: They gave thanks (:21-22)

Psalm 107:23-32-endangered sailors brought to their destination

  • Problem: They were caught in a storm at sea that had waves that seemed to reach to the sky.  The ship was totally out of control and about to sink (:23-27).
  • Prayer: They cried out to God (:28a).
  • Provision: God stopped the storm and helped them to safely make it to land (:28b-30).
  • Praise: They gave thanks (:31-32)

Psalm 107:33-41-The lovingkindness of the LORD (:43) is seen against the foundation of God's providential care of His people (:4-32), and His sovereign reign over all of creation (:33-41).

Psalm 107:42-43-Those who recognize these things are admonished to give careful consideration to the lovingkindness of the LORD.


Psalm 108


This Psalm by David appears to be a partial compilation of two other Psalms

  • verses 1-5 from 57:7-11;
  • verses 6-13 from 60:5-12.


Psalm 108:1-6-David gives praise to God and says that he will sing and play musical instruments to Him.

Psalm 108:7-13-David says that God has given him all the tribes of Israel to rule over.  God is the One Who assigned the land to each tribe to live on and He is the One Who will protect while they live there (:7-8).  Other nations are like inanimate objects that are easily controlled (:9).  He says that when they are attacked it is vain to trust in men for help...their only deliverance will be from God (:10-11).


Prayer: Father, there are no circumstances, no situations, no enemies, no conditions in which I will ever find myself…from which You cannot deliver.  You are sovereign and supreme over all things.  When I trust in You and call out to You in prayer…You hear.  Please help me to never get so focused on my surroundings…that I forget to look to You.  Life is going to happen and sometimes it is very difficult.  But You are Lord over life and there is nothing that is too difficult for You.


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