August 1

August 1


Psalms 65-67


Book #2: 42-72


Psalm 65

Psalm 65:1-4-“Zion” is a name for Jerusalem.  David says that God hears those who come to Him in prayer and forgives those who have sinned.  What an incredible blessing it is that God would allow us to come into His presence (“courts”-:4).  When men come to God they will be satisfied by His goodness.

Psalm 65:5-13-David says that God answers our prayers.  He then uses His power over all of creation as an illustration of His ability to do so.  David says that the earth is blessed because of God's provision.


Psalm 66

Psalm 66:1-4-The Psalmist calls on all the earth (meaning all men) to sing praises to God.

Psalm 66:5-7-He calls upon men to see the works of God (in particular mentioning the crossing of the Red Sea) and rejoice.

Psalm 66:8-15-He says that God tested them and then brought them out of that test into a place of abundance.  He says that now, he will fulfill the vows that he made to God when he was going through the time of testing.

Psalm 66:16-20-He calls out to other people to listen as he tells about what great things God has done for him.  Had there been sin in his life God would not have answered his prayers...but there wasn't.  So, he has much to say in praise of God.


Psalm 67

Psalm 67:1-7-The Psalmist prays for God's blessings to continue on that the nations will know about Him.  That is the reason for God's blessings.


Prayer: Lord, I pray as the Psalmist…”be gracious to me and bless me!”  It is a wonderful thing to know that I can ask that of You, Lord.  You are a good, benevolent, kind, and loving God.  You extend Your blessings to Your people.  Thank, You, Lord!  And Father, as You give Your blessings to me…let everyone that I know be aware of it and please use Your blessings on my life to be a witness and a testimony to Your greatness.  Bring them to You, Lord.

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