AccessACS allows members of Temple Baptist Church the ability to access their membership and contribution information online. You may also submit change requests related to your membership record through this program. Those requests will be verified by the office administrator and updated in a timely manner. You are the only person who has the ability to view your own family’s profile. You will not be able to view another member’s personal information, nor will other members be allowed to view your personal information unless specifically granted.

AccessACS Features

A profile that you can keep up-to-date
An up-to-date church directory
The ability to add individual and family pictures to the church directory

To use AccessACS, members must be listed in our database with a valid email address. If we do not have a current email address please contact Sally Gerrald to submit updated information.

Sign Up For ACS Access

How do I sign up?

First click here to go to the AccessACS Sign in page.

Click the link next to Need a login? Click Here

You will type your EMAIL ADDRESS, FIRST and LAST NAME.  Then click “FIND ME.”

If the information that you entered matches our membership database, then you will see a congratulations note. Check the email account inbox with which you signed up. When you do so, you should receive a User Name and Password that you can use to sign into your new AccessACS account.

If the information that you entered does not match our membership database you will receive a message that says the site was unable to locate a record matching the information you provided. Please verify that the information you entered is correct and resubmit your request. If you are unable to register, contact us at 252-633-3330. Experiencing this kind of issue could mean that we have an incorrect email address for you, or that we have your name spelled incorrectly in our database. Please email Sally Gerrald or call the church office, to verify the information that we have on file.

Once you have your log on information, you can return to the AccessACS Login page. When you are there, type in your Email Address and Password and then click “Login.”

What You Will See

Overview Page – This page is a small overview of available items. You have an option to view your complete profile, your giving record, perform a quick member search. From the overview page, you can choose additional tabs.

Home Tab – Allows you to go to your overview page, view your complete profile (including your giving information), and/or view/edit your personal preferences.

Directories Tab – Allows you to view and/or print an online directory.

Giving  Tab – Allows you to view and/or setup giving to include reoccurring gifts.


AccessACS Frequently Asked Questions

Is AccessACS secure?
Yes. The confidentiality of your data is our main priority. AccessACS is a secure site that is supported by ACS Technologies. They are the largest developer of church management software in the industry.  To ensure your data is 100% secure and protected, they utilize the most up-to-date security technology available.

What if I do not want my contact information to be seen by other Temple Baptist Church AccessACS Users?
By default your information is not shared - you need to turn on what is shared with the other members. Once you are logged on, you may go to your personal preferences page within AccessACS and change your options. Click on the Home tab, then select My Account, then click on the Preferences tab. Once again the default setting allows other members to see your address, phone number, family photo, and email address. These are the same items to which members would have access in our church directory. You have the power to select the items you wish to have seen by other members.

Who will have access to my giving record?
Only you, the Treasurer and authorized staff will have access to information about your giving record.

What do I do if my giving record appears to be incorrect?
Keep in mind that giving records can lag behind a week or two during certain busy times of the year. Please allow at least two weeks for your record to be updated from any given date. If there is still concern that an item is not showing on your record after this two week period, please contact Shauna Blount.

Who can see my contact information on the AccessACS site?
Only registered users have access to contact information via their password. No one else on the internet can see your information. Users MUST be in our membership database before they are given a password.

What if I lose my password?
Send an email to Sally Gerrald and request a password change. Administrators cannot see user passwords because they are private. They can only reset passwords. Once a password is reset, your new password will be emailed to you. Once you are logged back into your Access ACS, you will need to go to “My Personal Preferences” page and choose “Change My Password.” Your new password will take effect immediately.

Can I reset my password?
Yes. Go to the “My Personal Preferences” page within Access ACS and select “Change My Password.” Your new password will take effect immediately.

How do I login from the TBC website?
A link is provided under the AccessACS Section on the Give page.

Can I bookmark the AccessACS homepage so I do not have to go through the TBC website?
Yes. Click here for the ACS Login Website. Please feel free to save the AccessACS page to your favorites list in your web browser for easy access.

How do I update my personal information?
Go to the “My Profile” tab in Access ACS. Click on the “Pencil Icon,” or choose “Edit” in the upper right hand corner. After you update your record, then click “Submit.” This action will submit a change request that the staff will review and update the record. These updates are normally approved within two business days.

Want to know more?
For questions, comments, and concerns about AccessACS please contact Sally Gerrald.