September 5

September 5


Proverbs 7-8


Proverbs 7


Proverbs 7:1-4-Solomon uses multiple illustrations and repetition of thought to impress on his son how important it is that he know and practice the things his father is going to teach him.  Notice the different words he uses to reinforce this impression…

  • “keep my words” (:1)
  • “treasure my commandments” (:1)
  • “Keep my commandments and live” (:2)
  • “my teaching as the apple of your eye” (:2)…the apple of the eye is the pupil…he should keep, protect the teachings of his father as much as he protects the pupil of his eye
  • “Bind them on your fingers” (:3)…like tying a string around your finger to be a reminder of something
  • Write them on the tablet of your heart” (:3)
  • “Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister’” (:4)…treat her with respect
  • “call understanding your intimate friend” (:4)…someone who’s advice you trust

Proverbs 7:5-Solomon tells his son that adherence to his teaching will keep him from having an adulterous affair with a woman.

Proverbs 7:6-23-Solomon warns his son to stay away from the harlot.  He does so by describing a scene which he saw take place in which a woman lured a young man into her home while her husband was away.  Beware: this description would have passed for verbal pornography in its day.  While the English translation lends itself to a nominal understanding of what Solomon is saying…a study of several of the actual Hebrews words that he used gives a much more graphic picture of what he meant.  After reading it, you might ask why Solomon would go into such vivid detail.  After all, just the description could lead his son to become somewhat infatuated, a little steamy under the collar, with the contemplation of such a thing happening to him.  However, Solomon wants his son to clearly understand the seductiveness of what will happen and how stimulating it could appear (:6-21).  Then, in two quick verses he lowers the boom by describing the devastating results of such a clandestine liaison (:22-23).  So, Solomon tells his son a story.  He says that he saw a “naïve” (this word means simple, foolish, open-minded) young man, one who was “lacking sense” (he did not have self control based on discernment) walking down the street by a woman’s house (:6-9).  The woman is on the prowl, out on the town for a good time, looking for just such an opportunity and approaches him.  She is dressed provocatively (:10b), acts in a seductive manner (:11a), and makes it obvious that she is a woman who has no restraints on her moral behavior and what she will do for physical pleasure.  The word “boisterous” means that she is making stimulating noises associated with sexual activity.  The word “rebellious” means that she is showing by her actions that she takes pleasure in being excessively immoral and dragging naïve, immature young men down into her caldron of sexual depravity (:11a).



to murmur, growl, roar, cry aloud, mourn, rage, sound, make noise, tumult, be clamorous, be disquieted, be loud, be moved, be troubled, be in an uproar


This isn’t her first dance…she has done this before and knows the routine well (:11b).  She is going to show this young man a good time like he has never had before (:12).  She doesn’t wait on him to make the first move…but literally throws herself into his arms and initiates sexual intimacy (:13).  She tells him that she has food on the table that must be eaten soon and no one to share it with…so she had come looking just for him…playing on his male ego and libido (:14-15).


7:14 peace offerings.  Lit., Having offered sacrifices, she had a supply of meat on hand and urged her victim to share it with her, since it had to be eaten right away (cf. Lev. 7:12-17).

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on 7:14, p. 947

The “couch” is a bed.  She is conjuring up images of the two of them involved in sexual intimacy that lasts all night (:16-18).  She assures the young man that he need not worry about her husband…he is away on a long trip and will not be returning any time soon (:19-20).  Why would she do that?  Could it be that she felt that the enticement of forbidden fruit (a married woman of experience) would be even more compelling to him?  Solomon says that she is relentless in her “persuasions” (this word means to carefully, powerfully detail something out…she obviously gave the young man a clear verbal description of what she intended to do with him) as she “entices” (this word suggests that she was making sexually seductive movements) and “seduces” (this word suggests that she was almost pushing him into her house) him with what she tells them they will do (:21).



to stretch out, extend, spread out, pitch, turn, pervert, incline, bend, bow


Proverbs 7:22-23-The young man is overwhelmed.  He has gone too far down the street to turn back. (:22a).  Now Solomon lowers the boom.  In vivid, stark language he tells his son what happens to the man who does what he has just described.  The woman takes him by the hand and leads him into her house like an ox with a rope around his neck, or like a man wearing handcuffs (:22).  He thinks that he is going to have the night of his life.  But he is actually going to wind up in a fight for his life.  Like an ox that is being slaughtered and a fool who is being disciplined (:22)…before he even realizes what has happened…he will have thrown his life away (:23).

Proverbs 7:24-27-Solomon concludes by telling his sons that they shouldn’t think that they will never be tempted to do such a thing.  That they are too strong to fall for her enticement.  Many a man has found himself caught in that trap.  When you are in this woman’s neighborhood and come to the corner that leads to her house…turn away and go in a different direction.  Don’t even take the risk of running into her (:24-26).  If you give her the slightest opportunity it will be devastating.  Why?  Because that woman’s house is built along the highway to Hell and it’s a slippery slope into the grave.  Don’t travel that road.  Be afraid, be very afraid! (:27)


Proverbs 8


In this Proverb, Solomon explains what wisdom is.


Proverbs 8:1-9-Solomon personifies wisdom as a woman who is calling out for everyone to receive and practice her teaching.  She does so at the crossroads of life (those places where decisions are made)…

  • ”On top of the heights beside the way” (:2)
  • “where the paths meet” (:2)
  • “beside the gates at the opening of the city” (:3)
  • “at the entrance of the doors” (:3).

Wisdom calls out (is applicable) to all men…

  • “men” (:4)
  • “sons of men” (:4)…their children
  • “naïve” (:5)…those who have not learned to discern on their own
  • “fools” (:5)…those who think that there is no objective standard for living

The words of wisdom contain…

  • “noble things” (:6)…this speaks of truths that are the guiding and ruling truths for all men…those that rule and govern over all mankind



נָגִיד nâgîyd, naw-gheed'; or נָגִד nâgid; from H5046; a commander (as occupying the front), civil, military or religious; generally (abstractly, plural), honorable themes:—captain, chief, excellent thing, (chief) governor, leader, noble, prince, (chief) ruler.


  • “right things” (:6)
  • “truth” (:7)
  • “wickedness is an abomination” (:7)
  • “righteousness” (:8)
  • “nothing crooked or perverted” (:8)
  • “straightforward” (:9)
  • “right” (:9)

Proverbs 8:10-11-Solomon tells his son that wisdom is worth more than silver, gold, jewels, and all desirable things.  He urges his son to value his teachings over everything else.

Proverbs 8:12-21-He says that “wisdom, prudence, knowledge, and discretion” all work hand-in-hand (:12).  There are five things that the LORD hates because they are in opposition to wisdom.  If we are going to “fear” (respect) Him then we should hate the things He hates.  God hates…

  • “evil” (:13)…a common word that speaks of that which is bad, unpleasant, causing pain, vicious in disposition
  • “pride” (:13)…an inordinate value of one’s self
  • “arrogance” (:13)…the same word as “pride”, but perhaps having a slightly different inflection of meaning…such as pride that not only places an inordinate value on one’s self (as in :13), but in addition, also demeans the value of others
  • “the evil way” (:13)…the word “way” suggests not just a single act of evil, but a course of life, a manner of living
  • “the perverted mouth” (:13)…”perverted” means “deceitful, fraudulent”

Why would God hate these things?  Because in order to participate in each of them one must ignore the teachings of God.  Wisdom is used by those that rule and produces power and wealth (:14-16).  When we seek God’s wisdom, He will reveal it to us (:17).  But not only will He give us His wisdom…when we practice His wisdom, His blessings will follow (:17-21).

Proverbs 8:22-31-Wisdom has always existed and does not change (:22-23).  It existed before creation (:27-29).  When God created the universe it was based on the truths of His wisdom (:30-31).

Proverbs 8:32-36-The one who finds wisdom finds life and obtains the favor of the LORD.  Just the opposite is also true.


Prayer: Father, I pray for all of my family…me, my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law, my three grandsons, my son, my daughter-in-law, my two grandsons and my granddaughter.  I pray that You will keep us all sexually pure.  I pray that You will protect us and keep us safe from temptation.  I pray that You will place a wall of security around our marriages.  I pray that You will establish Your throne in our hearts and will give Your wisdom to our minds in abundance.  I pray that You will direct our feet and guide our thoughts from straying.  I pray that You will lead all of our grandchildren to accept Christ as their Savior while they are still children and that they will live for Him all the days of their lives.  I pray that You will give each of them a godly spouse who also accepted Christ as their Savior while they were a child and that they will live for Him all the days of their lives.  I pray that their marriages will last for a lifetime and be filled with the glory and joy of Your presence.  And, I pray that every single one of our descendants will be saved and that they will share in the same blessings that I have prayed for my grandchildren.  I pray that ours will be a godly lineage that will continue until the return of Jesus!  I pray for my family.

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