September 29

September 29


Isaiah 16-18


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 13-23        The Judgment of other Kingdoms, cont’d.

Isaiah 16:1-14-Judgement against Moab (cont'd)

Assyria has attacked and conquered Moab.  Many of their people have been deported to Assyria.  From there, they send a letter asking if they would be allowed to resettle in Judah (:1-5).  Their request is denied (:6-11) because of the arrogance that they had previously shown towards Judah.

Isaiah 17:1-14-Judgement against Damascus (Syria…and her ally Israel)

Isaiah 18:1-7-Judgement against Ethiopia


Prayer: Dear Lord, You topple nation after nation.  None can stand before You.  Once again, I give You praise and worship You as the Almighty, the Sovereign King and Ruler of the Universe.

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