September 27

September 27


Isaiah 10-12


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 7-12          The Coming of the Messiah, cont’d.

Isaiah 10:1-4-Assyria is arrogant.  They think that it is their power that is enabling them to conquer other nations and do not recognize that God is giving them this power in order to accomplish His goals (:15-16).  In the end, He will hold them accountable for their pride and rebellion.

Isaiah 10:5-19-God makes it clear that He is using Assyria for His purposes.  He is in control and the only reason that it has power to conquer other nations is because He allowed it to do so (:5-6).  However, Assyria does not recognize this.  It actually thinks that all that it has accomplished is solely because of its own military power (:7-11).  God says that when He is through using Assyria for His purpose…then He will punish them for their arrogance (:12).  Isaiah speaks of Assyria's arrogance and how it boasts of its accomplishments (:13-14).  Assyria goes beyond the purpose of God and begins to destroy others simply for the sake of destroying and conquering them (:7).  Assyria even boasts of what it will do to Israel (:10-11).  God says that He will judge Assyria (:16-19).

Isaiah 10:20-25-God says that a remnant of Israel will be saved and will return to Him.

Isaiah 10:26-34-These verses describe the advance of Assyria's army on Jerusalem.

Isaiah 11:1-5-The Prophecy of the Ancestry of the Messiah

The tree of David (meaning the family of David, Jesse was David’s father, cf. 1 Samuel 17:12) will be cut down (cf. 6:13, conquered).  However, from the stump that is left a new branch will sprout (:1).  This branch is the Messiah.  This means that the Messiah will be a descendant of King David.

Isaiah 11:6-9-The Prophecy of the Rule of the Messiah

The rule of the Messiah will be characterized by…

  • the fullness of the Holy Spirit (:2)
  • righteousness (:3-5)
  • peace (:6-9)

Isaiah 11:11-16-At some time in the future the Jewish people will once again be gathered together.  This is referred to as the “second time” (:11).  The first time was after the Babylonian deportation under the leadership of Zerubbabel in 537 B.C.

Isaiah 12:1-6-This is a song of praise that Isaiah wrote in anticipation of the rule of the Messiah during the Millennium.


Prayer: Father, help me to always remember that it is You who is at work in and through me.  Don’t ever allow me to become proud, or self-confident.  I give You praise for anything and everything which You ever accomplish with me.  Let my life bring You glory.

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