September 22

September 22


Solomon 4-5


The Commitment of the Mind (mental)…they marry       Song 3:6-5:1, cont’d.

The marriage ceremony continues.


Song 4:1-15       Solomon expresses his vows and extols the beauty of the Shullamite

Solomon speaks of the beauty of his new bride.  In verses 12-15, he uses the imagery of a beautiful garden to visualize her beauty.

Song 4:16           The Shullamite expresses her desire to consummate the marriage

The bride then uses Solomon’s imagery of a garden and invites him to enter in and to consummate their marriage.

Song 5:1             Solomon tells the Shullamite that he is willing and ready

Solomon says that he has been satisfied with their union.  Some interpret the last part of this verse to be God’s blessing on the union.


The Struggles of the Heart (emotional)…they fight        Song 5:2-6:13


Song 5:2-3          Solomon comes to the home of the Shullamite late at night, but she refuses to let him in

After the marriage, at another time, Solomon comes to her home late at night (he lived in the Palace and she had separate quarters).  She was asleep and either told him to go away, it was too late…or, she did not get up quick enough to let him in.  At any rate…Solomon leaves.  And evidently he wasn’t too happy.

Song 5:4-6          The Shullamite changes her mind, but he has already left

After giving it some thought…she realizes that she has made a mistake and goes looking for him.

Song 5:7             The Shullamite goes in search of Solomon

The guards see her wandering around in the palace compound and think she is a criminal.

Song 5:8             The Shullamite speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

She tells them that if they see Solomon to tell him that she is anxious to see him.

Song 5:9             The Daughters of Jerusalem speak to the Shullamite

They are so infatuated with Solomon that they ask her once again to tell them all about Him.

Song 5:10-16     The Shullamite speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

The Shullamite gives a glowing description of how handsome Solomon is.


Prayer: Lord, the daily changes of life often present challenges to a marriage.  Those challenges can either cause a couple to separate due to differing opinions, or wants…or, to strengthen as they seek to deal with them together.  I pray that you would help our marriage to be strengthened as we face life, together.


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