Read thru Old Testament Devotional – March 25, 2017

March 25


Joshua 14-15


Joshua 14:1-19:51           The Division of the Land West of Jordan


Joshua 14:1-5                  Introduction to the Division of Canaan


Joshua 14:6-15:63-The Territory of Judah

It has been 5 years since Israel entered the Promised Land (:10).  Caleb is 85 years old and requests that he be given the land that God had promised to him when he gave a good report as one of the spies that had been sent into the land.  Caleb had “followed the LORD God of Israel fully” (:8,14).  We gain further insight into the true heart of this man when later he willingly gives up Hebron to the Levites and lives in its outskirts (21:12).  Here is a man who thinks more of the Kingdom of God…than of himself.

They could not completely drive out the Jebusites, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, “so they live with the sons of Judah at Jerusalem until this day” (:63).  David would later capture the entire city from the Jebusites (2 Samuel 5:6-7).


Prayer: Lord, help me to have the heart of Caleb.  To always place Your Kingdom and Your purposes as the priority of my life.  I know that then I will truly have Your peace and Your calm.

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