Read thru Old Testament Devotional – June 5, 2017

June 5

2 Chronicles 17-19


The Kings of Judah, cont’d.                          2 Chronicles 10:1-36:21


2 Chronicles 17:1-20:37…Jehoshaphat becomes King of Judah (873-848)


2 Chronicles 17:1-19-Jehoshaphat became king of Judah and he followed God.  In his third year he sent levites and priests to teach the book of the Law in the cities of Judah (:7-9).  He also reinforced his military by expanding the standing army and fortifying the major cities.

2 Chronicles 18:1-19:3-Jehoshaphat marries a daughter of Ahab to make an alliance.  Ahab induced him to join him in a battle against Ramoth-gilead.  But Jehoshaphat first wanted Ahab to ask the LORD about it.  Ahab asked his 400 prophets and they told him to go to battle.  But Jehoshaphat wanted a prophet of the LORD.  Ahab said that there was Micaiah, but he never says anything good about him.  Sad to say, what Ahab was actually saying was that Micaiah only spoke the truth.  He didn’t pander to Ahab in order to win his approval.  One of the false prophets, Zedekiah makes a set of horns and acts like a bull tying to run down and gore another bull.  He says that in a similar way Ahab will gore the enemy.  Micaiah tells them that the LORD has told them to not go into battle and then says that Zedekiah has a spirit in him that has misled him.  In response, Zedekiah struck Micaiah on the cheek.  Micaiah told him that the day would come when he will realize that he had been wrong to do so when he runs to hide in a room.  Ahab sends Micaiah to prison and commands that he is only to be fed bread and water until he returns from battle.  Micaiah tells him that if he returns safely that the LORD has not spoken through him.  They go to war.  Ahab wears a disguise so that he will not be recognized by the enemy.  When the enemy sees Jehoshaphat in his royal attire, they mistake him to be Ahab and attack him, but God helped him escape.  A random arrow hit Ahab and he died.  When Jehoshaphat returned to Judah, Jehu the seer went to him and chastised him for trying to help Ahab since he hated the LORD.

2 Chronicles 19:4-11-Jehu went out among the people and "brought them back to the LORD" (:4).  He appointed judges and told them to be careful to follow what the LORD has determined.  He also appointed levites and priests to judge over matters in Jerusalem.


Prayer: Father, I pray that I will be like Micaiah.  Help me to tell the truth, Your truth, always, no matter what the consequences.  But Lord, that means that I must know Your truth and Your intentions.  Please speak to my heart and help me to know be able to wisely discern what Your will is so that I can deliver it to Your people.  Don’t let me be influenced by the desires of other people.  Don’t let me be deceived by my own desires.  Keep me in Your truth.0303

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