Read thru Old Devotional Testament Devotional – March 24, 2017

March 24


Joshua 11-13


Conquering the Land of Canaan: 3 Phases   Joshua 6:1-12:24, cont’d.


Joshua 11:1-12:24           Phase 3: Conquering Northern Canaan


Joshua 11:1-15-Victory over the Northern Coalition

News of the victories of Israel made its way to the surrounding city-states.  The kings of these city-states formed an alliance to fight against Israel.  A huge army gathers against Israel (Jabin, King of Hazor; Jobab, king of Madon; king of Shimron; king of Achshaph; kings of the north hill country; kings of Arabah-south of Chinneroth; and the lowlands; and the heights of Dor; Canaanite-east and west; Amorite; Hittite; Perizzite; Jebusite; Hivite)..."all their many people as the sand is on the seashore, with very many horses and chariots".  These kings and their armies all met at the waters of Merom.  Israel suddenly attacked them and "no survivor was left to them" (v. 8).  Joshua then destroyed Hazor because it had been the head of all of these nations (:10).  “Chinneroth” is the Sea of Galilee.


11:6 hamstring.  Joshua was commanded to cripple the enemies’ horses and burn their chariots, rather than capture them.  In this way the Israelites would not put their trust in horses and chariots.

Ryrie Study Bible, Joshua 11:6 footnote, p. 343


Joshua 11:16-12:24         Conquering of Canaan Reviewed

Joshua 11:16-23-Here is a summary of the conquest of the land.  Finally, after a long time of war (:18), Joshua gave the land to the tribes, and "the land had rest from war" (v. 23).  The “Anakim” (:21) are the giants who had caused fear in the hearts of the spies 40 years earlier.

Joshua 12:1-24-A list of all of the kings that Israel defeated.  Verses 1-6 list the kings to the east of the Jordan River and verses 7-24 list the kings on the west side of the Jordan-31 kings in all (v. 24).


Dividing the Land of Canaan                Joshua 13:1-24:33


Joshua 13:1-7                  Instructions to Joshua for Division of Canaan

Joshua is 90 years old...and God gives him instructions concerning the land that had not yet been conquered.  This land is identified in verses 2-6.


Joshua 13:8-33                The Division of the Land East of Jordan

This was the Territory of Reubenites, Gadites and the Half-Tribe of Manasseh in Transjordan.


Prayer: Lord, You didn’t allow the Israelites to capture their enemies horses.  This was to keep them from trusting in the resources or abilities that they had.  I pray for three things.  One, that You would use me in such a way that I will utterly and completely fail…if You are not with me.  Two, that You will keep me and lead me in Your power.  And most importantly, three, that You will receive all of the glory and honor.  Please Lord, let my life bring praise to You!  There is nothing that I could ever ask of You…that would mean more, or be more important.


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