Read thru New Testament Devotional – July 29, 2017

July 29


Acts 28:1-15

Acts 28:1-6-The island that they landed on was Malta.  The local people helped them.  While building a fire, a viper bit Paul.  The locals thought that it was God's judgment on him and that he would die...but when he didn't, they decided that he was a god.



…there came a viper out of the heat: a viper is a kind of serpent, which brings forth its young living, to the number of twenty, only one in a day, which come forth wrapped up in thin skins, which break on the third day, and set them at liberty; and so is reckoned among viviparous animals, from whence it seems to have its name, whereas other serpents lay eggs and hatch them. It is said (k), that this remarkable reptile has the biggest and flattest head of all the serpent kind; its usual length is about half an ell, and its thickness an inch; its snout is not unlike that of a hog; it has sixteen small immovable teeth in each jaw, besides two other large, sharp, hooked, hollow, transparent, canine teeth, situate at each side of the upper jaw, which are those that do the mischief: these are flexible in their articulation, and are ordinarily laid flat along the jaw, the animal never raising them but when it would bite The roots or bases of these teeth, or fangs, are encompassed with a vesicle or bladder, containing the quantity of a large drop of a yellow insipid salivous juice.—It has only one row of teeth, whereas all other serpents have two; its body is not at all fetid, whereas the inner parts of the bodies of other serpents are intolerable.--It creeps very slowly, and never leaps like other serpents, though it is nimble enough to bite when provoked.--Its body is of two colours, ash coloured or yellow, and the ground speckled with longish brown spots; the scales under its belly are of the colour of well polished steel. Its bite is exceeding venomous, and its poison the most dangerous. Now when this viper here is said to come out of the heat, the meaning is, that it came out from the sticks, which were laid upon the fire, being forced from thence by the heat of it: and so the Syriac version renders it, "there came out of them" (the sticks) "a viper, because of the heat of the fire"; it lay quiet among the sticks, among which, and such like things, this creature often lies; but when the fire began to heat it, it sprung out:


Acts 28:7-9-The leading local man was named Publius, his father was sick and Paul healed him...and then healed many other people, as well.

Acts 28:10-15-Three months later (the middle of February) they finally set sail for Syracuse, where they stayed for 3 days...then on to Rhegium, and then Puteoli.  There, they stayed with some "brethren" (:14) for 7 days, then they sailed for Rome.  When they arrived in Rome some brethren came and visited "and when Paul saw them, he thanked God and took courage" (:15).

Prayer: Father, even the great Apostle Paul needed someone to encourage him.  These believers heard that he had arrived there and came to visit...and Paul was encouraged.  Please help me to be the one to bring hope and encouragement to others.  I wonder Lord, what was going on in the heart of the centurion all this time?


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