October 23

October 23


Jeremiah 9-10


The Concern for Judah, cont’d.                               Jeremiah 2-45

Jeremiah 2-20          Undated Prophecies, cont’d.


Jeremiah 9:1-26-The judgment of God (cont'd.).

Jeremiah recognizes the wickedness of Judah and says that it causes him to cry both day and night (9:1,10).  However, because of their wickedness (:3-6), if he had his choice he would go somewhere else (:2a).  God again declares His intent to judge the people (:7-9,11).  The question is asked, “Who can explain God’s answer to why this is happening?” (:12).  The answer is that the people have not been obedient to God (:13-14) and that God is punishing them (:15-16).  Therefore, they should be prepared to mourn over their behavior and the consequences (:17-22).  God says that they should not trust in wisdom, or power, or wealth…but in Him, alone (:23-24).  God is going to punish all who worship other gods…both Jew and gentile (:25-26).  The phrase, “clip the hair on their temples” is a reference to a common practice of gentiles to cut their hair in a certain manner so as to identify themselves as belonging to a particular religious cult and worshipping a particular god.  The phrase, “all the house of Israel are uncircumcised of heart” means that although the men may have been circumcised physically, it meant nothing.  The purpose of circumcision was to be a physical evidence of a spiritual reality…that they were the people of God.  It did not cause them to be the people of God…but it was a sign that was intended to be given to those who were.  Just being circumcised physically did not guarantee that they were the people of God.  The true proof was obedience to God from the heart.  In this case, while their bodies had been changed…their hearts had not been changed.


Jeremiah 10:1-18-Jeremiah tells Judah to not be afraid of the gods of the other nations (:1-2). He says that all other gods are merely the product of man's imagination and handiwork.  They can do you neither harm, nor good (:3-5).  Jeremiah says that the LORD is unique, the one and only true God (:6,10-13,16).  Again, all other gods are merely the product of men (:7-9,14-15).  God tells them to prepare to leave their homes and be taken into another land (:17-18).

Jeremiah 10:19-25-Jeremiah laments the consequences of God's judgment.


Prayer: Father, help me to be obedient to You from my heart.  Don’t let me become caught up in the activities of religion.  Help me to love and serve You from a pure heart.  To be faithful to You…not just go through the outward motions.

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