October 2

October 2


Isaiah 24-26


The Condemnation of Man’s Kingdoms         Isaiah 1-39, cont’d.

Isaiah 24-27      The Establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth

This section (chapters 24-27) of Isaiah is his apocalypse…his vision of the end times, the last days of earth.  It deals with…

  • the judgment that will take place during the Tribulation period ("in that day", 26:1; 27:1,12,13; 28:5)…the 7 years of the Tribulation;
  • followed by the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth during the Millennial period…the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth.

Isaiah 24:1-2-In God's judgment, everyone is equal.

Isaiah 24:3-6-The earth itself is affected..."laid waste and completely despoiled...mourns and withers, the world fades and withers...polluted by its inhabitants...a curse devours the earth"…by the sins of man…”The earth is polluted by its inhabitants…”

Isaiah 24:7-13-A vivid description of the destruction that will take place on earth due to God’s judgment.

Isaiah 24:14-16a-As a result of God’s judgment…the righteous will give Him praise.

Isaiah 24:16b-18-There will be no escaping God’s judgment.

Isaiah 24:19-22-God’s judgment will extend from the rulers on earth to the rebellious in Heaven…and none will escape.

Isaiah 24:23-The sun and moon will be pale in comparison to the brightness of the glory of the Lord when He returns to earth to reign.

Isaiah 25:1-5-Isaiah says that he will praise God because He has…

  • now accomplished the plans for the earth that He had made in the distant past (25:1);
  • overcome those that opposed Him.  This “city” is probably a reverence to Babylon and it stands for all of those who oppose God. (25:2);
  • made even those who were strong to give Him glory (25:3);
  • come to the rescue of the helpless (25:4-5);
  • prepared a banquet for the “peoples of this mountain”…meaning His people (25:6-7);
  • removed the fear of death, the sorrow of the past, and the indignation of other countries from His people  (25:8);
  • people will rejoice over the fact that He has saved them from their enemies and subdued those who had previously conquered them (25:9-12).

Isaiah 26:1-21-This is a song that will be sung by the redeemed during the Millennium.

Isaiah 26:3-4-God gives perfect peace to those who trust in Him.

Isaiah 26:14-The “dead” referred to here are those earthly rulers who oppressed Israel such as the ones mentioned in verse 13. This speaks of the fact that they will not be a part of the resurrection unto life.  Not only is there an earthly punishment (they have been wiped out and their memory forgotten)…there is also an eternal punishment.

Isaiah 26:19-This verse is in direct opposition to verse 14. Whereas the assurance is given that those who oppose God will not rise from the dead to eternal life…here, the assurance is given that those who are the people of God will rise to eternal life.  This is an incredible promise of the resurrection of the people of God (cf. Daniel 12:2).

Isaiah 26:20-21-These verses tell us that it was not yet time for God to fulfill the promise of the establishment of His kingdom on earth. They are told to, “Hide for a little while”…enduring the trials of life on earth for a time…waiting expectantly for His return.

Prayer: Lord Jesus…we have waited with great expectation for Your return.  Give us faith and strength to live for You…until You come again.  Come quickly, Lord.


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