November 30

November 30


Ezekiel 43-44


There’s a Restoration Day Coming to Israel            Ezekiel 33-48, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40-48          Israel’s Adoration During the Millennium, cont’d.


Ezekiel 40-43-A Vision of the New Temple in Jerusalem, cont’d.


Ezekiel 43:1-12-A Vision of the Return of the Glory of the Lord

Ezekiel 43:1-5-Ezekiel saw the return of the Lord to the Temple through the east gate (44:4). It was the same gate that He had previously exited through (10:19).

Ezekiel 43:6-9-God says that His Temple must be a holy place…a place that is separated from the places where the kings were buried and from their palaces.

Ezekiel 43:10-12-God tells Ezekiel to describe in detail (including the measurements he had been given) the Temple to the people who are in exile and then to write it down while they are watching. Then he is to tell them that the Temple area is to be holy (separated for worship to Him and nothing else) and that they are to repent and be faithful to keep it a holy place.


Ezekiel 43:13-27-The Measurements of the Altar of Burnt Offering

Ezekiel 43:13-17-This is a description of the appearance of the Altar of Burnt Offering.

Ezekiel 43:18-27-This is a description of the procedure to concentrate (dedicate) the Altar of Burnt Offering to service for God.


Ezekiel 44-46-A Vision of the New Service of Worship


Ezekiel 44:1-31-The only ones who are allowed to minister at the Altar are those who had remained faithful and did not lead the people to worship false gods (:15).  They are to be sons of Zadok, descendents of the tribe of Levi (cf. 40:46). Rules are given for their behavior, their dress, and their responsibilities.  Their only possession is to be God, Himself (:28).  Those who led the people in false worship would be held accountable for their actions (:10,13).


44:1-3-The outer, east gate is shut so that no one could use it. Even the prince did not use this gate, though he could eat the sacrificial meal there.  Though some consider him to be the Messiah, this is impossible, since he needs to offer a sin offering (45:22) and he has sons (46:16).  He is evidently a human representative of Messiah in the government of the kingdom.

The Ryrie Study Bible, footnote on Ezekiel 44:1-3, p. 1296


Prayer: Father, when I read the first 7 verses of chapter 43 my spirit soars!  I can only imagine the sight of Your glory…moving from the east across the Mount of Olives, passing through the Kidron Valley, entering Jerusalem by way of the Eastern Gate, and settling in the Temple.  Then Your glory filled the Temple.  My heart jumps as I imagine Your glory filling our church…Your church.  I pray, dear God, fill Your church with Your glory!  Fill, permeate, infuse, and saturate every inch, every corner, every empty space, every heart…of Your church…with Your glory!

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