November 26

November 26


Ezekiel 36-37


There’s a Restoration Day Coming to Israel            Ezekiel 33-48, cont’d.


Ezekiel 33-39          Israel’s Restoration During the Tribulation, cont’d.


Ezekiel 36-The New Covenant

Ezekiel 36:1-15-God says that He will gather the nation of Israel back to the Promised Land.  God promises to restore the people of Israel to all areas of the nation.

Ezekiel 36:16-24-God says that it is not because of any virtue of the people of Israel that He is going to do this. But, He is going to do it in order to vindicate His own name.  In other words, God is going to extend His grace to the people of Israel and in so doing it will bring Him glory (:22-23,32,36,38).  When the people are there, He will…

  • "put My Spirit within you" (:27)
  • “cause you to walk in My statutes…observe My ordinances” (:27)
  • “you will be My people, and I will be your God” (:28)
  • “save you from your uncleanness” (:29)
  • “call fro the grain and multiply it…multiply the fruit of the tree and the produce of the field” (:29-30).
  • “cleanse you from all iniquities” (:33)
  • “cause the cities to be inhabited…waste places will be rebuilt” (:33)
  • “increase their men like a flock” (:34).

What a great promise by a great God!


Ezekiel 37:1-14-The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones

God gives Ezekiel the vision of the valley of dry bones that come back to life.  The dry bones represent an army that has been destroyed…a vivid description of what had happened to Israel.  In this state…it is without life, without hope, and without a future.  But God brings the bones back to life, restores their hope, and secures them a future.  This is a portrayal of the political (:8-12) and spiritual (:13-14) revival of the nation of Israel (:1-14), and the reuniting of its two divisions (:15-28).



There is a valley of dry bones (37:1-14). The “bones” are the Jews who shall be alive at the restoration of the nation.  The “graves” are the nations where they are dwelling but “buried.”  God first will bring them into their own land.  They will be converted—a nation shall be born in a day.

What the Bible is All About, Henrietta C. Mears, p. 254


Ezekiel 37:15-28-The Parable of the Two Sticks

God tells Ezekiel that He is going to reunite Israel and Judah once again into one nation...and they will be His people.  He again refers to “My servant David” as ruling over them (:24)…and to the “covenant of peace” (:26) that He will establish with them.  At that time…the nations will recognize Who God (:28).


Prayer: Lord, there are so many churches that are like the valley of dry bones.  There is no life in them.  Please, Lord…bring those dead bones back to life!  Let Your Holy Spirit move through them and in them and bring them back to life.

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