November 11

November 11


Lamentations 3-5


A Prophet with Hope                                      Lamentations 3


Lamentations 3:1-18-Jeremiah’s sorrow

Jeremiah tells of all the punishment that God has done to Him..."I am the man who has seen affliction because of the rod of His wrath" (:1).  God's punishment is so harsh that for a time He even refused to hear his prayers (:8,44).  Jeremiah says that he had become so emotionally and physically weak, that he had virtually lost all hope of things ever changing (:18).


Lamentations 3:19-42-Jeremiah’s hope

But then, Jeremiah says that in order to have hope (:21,24,29) he must recall (:21) the nature of God.  His…

  • “lovingkindnesses indeed never cease” (:22)
  • “compassions never fail” (:22)
  • “Great is Thy faithfulness” (:23)
  • “The LORD is my portion” (:24)
  • “The LORD is good” (:25).

A person will regain his hope in God when he will “wait for Him” (:25), “seeks Him” (:25), “waits silently” (:26), and will “bear the yoke of his youth” (:27). For then, he will realize that while God does judge sin, He also forgives sin (:38).  We must be willing to accept responsibility for our sin and repent (:39-42).


Lamentations 3:43-54-Jeremiah’s suffering

Jeremiah speaks of his incessant crying over the situation (:48,49,51).


Lamentations 3:55-66-Jeremiah’s prayer

Jeremiah says that he prayed from "Out of the lowest pit" (:55)...the very worst that it could get.  Finally, he prays to God and He hears.  Jeremiah prays that God will judge those who have been persecuting him.


God’s Judgment…seen from Earth               Lamentations 4


Lamentations 4:1-12-The attack on Jerusalem

Jeremiah describes the extent of the destruction of the siege of Jerusalem.  It even led to cannibalism..."The hands of compassionate women boiled their own children" (:10).


Lamentations 4:13-20-The reason for the attack on Jerusalem

It is because of their refusal to follow the Lord that they are suffering.  The prophets and priests were leaders in this sin.


Lamentations 4:21-22-The hope of Jerusalem

Jeremiah tells the people that their punishment will be completed by means of their exile.


A Prophet in Prayer                                       Lamentations 5


Lamentations 5:1-22-Notice the progression of Jeremiah’s thought.

  1. Remembrance (:1-15)-he asks the LORD to remember all that has happened to them (:1); that they are now suffering not just for their sin, but for the sins of their fathers (:7); and that they no longer have any joy (:15);
  2. Repentance (:16-18)-admits they have sinned;
  3. Recognition (:19-20)-he confesses that God is sovereign over all that happens;
  4. Renewal (:21-22)-he asks God to restore them to their relationship with Him.


Prayer: Father, help me to focus on You.  Not just when I am experiencing troubles…but all the time.  Help me to constantly be aware of Your nature and to find hope and faith and love in You.


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