May 28



1 Chronicles 23-25


The Reign of King David, cont’d.                       1 Chronicles 9-29:21


1 Chronicles 23:1-When David becomes old he makes Solomon the king.

1 Chronicles 23:2-26:32-David counts the Levites and assigns them their duties...they had to be 30-years-old and upward (23:3; cf. 23:24,27-20-years-old and upward...these are the ones who will assist Aaron in the Temple.  David lowered the age when he realized there would be need for additional men when the Temple was built.  There were 38,000 of them...24,000 to oversee the work of the house of the LORD; 6,000 to serve as officers and judges; 4,000 to work as gatekeepers; and 4,000 to serve as musicians.

1 Chronicles 24:1-31-The workers in the Temple.  They were divided into 24 groups...each group serving for 2 weeks at a time.  This meant that according to the Jewish calendar their time of service would slowly rotate throughout the year.

1 Chronicles 25:1-31-The musicians in the Temple...divided into 24 groups.  They were to "prophesy" (1 Samuel 10:5-to lead in worship), sometimes using lyres, harps, and cymbals.  Prophecy was sometimes given as poetry with music.


Prayer: Lord, I pray that You will help our church to be a place where everyone has a place to serve.  Help us to enable people to discover the spiritual gift that You have given them and to find the place that You would have them to serve.

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