March 5

Numbers 34-36


A Second Chance Provided…the People Settling    Numbers 32-36, cont’d.


Numbers 34             The Division of Canaan by Tribes


Numbers 34:1-12-The boundaries of the Promised Land (Canaan).  This description does not include the land on the east side of the Jordan River.  The “Sea of Chinnereth” (means: harp) is an early name for the Sea of Galilee.

Numbers 34:13-36:13-The division of the Promised Land (on the west side of the Jordan River…Manasseh got land on both sides of the Jordan) among the tribes.  Eleazar, Joshua and one leader from each tribe were to do the dividing (34:17-29).


For a map showing the distribution of the Promised Land among the tribes of Israel see:


Numbers 35             The Cities of The Levites Established


Numbers 35:1-8-The tribe of Levi would have no land for their own, but were to be given cities to live in among the cities of each of the tribes.


The Levites were given 48 cities with their pastureland.  This distribution provided a spiritual influence over all the people, since no one lived more than 10 miles from a city in which Levites lived.

The Ryrie Study Bible, Joshua 21:2 footnote, p. 356


Numbers 35:6-48-Among these cities that the Levites were to live in, 6 of them would be cities of refuge.  Plus, there were to be 42 more cities.  They were to take more cities from the larger tribes, and less from the smaller tribes.

Numbers 35:9-34-The 6 cities of refuge. (Kedesh, Shechem, Hebron, Bezer, Romath, and Golan, Joshua 20:7-8).


For more information on the cities of refuge see:


Numbers 35:11-There cities were to be a place of refuge, or safety for the manslayer who has killed someone unintentionally.

Numbers 35:14-There were to be 3 cities of refuge in Canaan, and 3 in Transjordan.

Numbers 35:16-21-Here are examples of murder.  The guilty man is to be put to death.  The "blood avenger" (the nearest relative of the murdered person) is to put him to death.

Numbers 35:22-29-Examples of killing someone accidentally.  The congregation is to decide if he is guilty, or not; and, if not, to restore him to his city.  He must stay there until the death of the high priest...or else the blood avenger may kill him and will not be guilty of murder.

Numbers 35:30-There must be two witnesses for a person to be found guilty.

Numbers 35:31-A person cannot pay to save his own life when found guilty of murder.

Numbers 35:33-Unpunished murder pollutes the land.

Numbers 35:34-The significance of the land being polluted and defiled ultimately comes back to the fact that God is in its midst and the land and the people who live there should be an extension of His glory, of Who He is.


Numbers 36             The Inheritance of Women Determined


Numbers 36:1-13-The inheritance law for women (cf. 27:1-11).  Since Zelophehad had no sons to inherit his property, his daughters would inherit his property.  However, they had to marry within their own tribe.  No inheritance of property can be transferred from tribe to tribe.


Prayer: Lord, please help me to be a holy influence in my community like the Levites were supposed to be.  Let my life be salt and light to those that know me.


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