June 27

June 27


Job 10-12


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 3-14                    Accusations Round 1 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 9-10                    Job’s Response: Not all the wicked suffer and not all the righteous live without suffering.  Life doesn’t appear to be fair, cont’d.


Job 10:1-7-Job complains to God that evidently, God knows of some sin that he is unaware of (:7), but if that is so, why doesn't God deliver him from its consequences.

Job 10:8-22-Job now reminds God that it was He Who made him in the first place...and is He now going to let him suffer in such a way?  If indeed, God made him and now he is suffering to this degree...what was the point of God making him in the first place (:18)?  Job then asks God to just leave him alone for a while longer until he dies and it's all over (:20-22).

Summary: Bildad says that their religious tradition reveals that Job is suffering because he is unrighteous.  Job replies that such religious tradition does little good since it is obvious to everyone that he is suffering.  The tradition is wrong about the cause.  And worse yet, it offers no help to stop the suffering.


Job 11                       Zophar’s 1st Accusation: God is punishing you for sin and you deserve more…repent (he appeals to his own common sense, intuition, sheer intelligence and the process of observation)


Job 11:1-20-Zophar is even more direct than the first two friends.  He tells Job that he needs to stop talking so much and do what he intuitively knows must done even if he doesn’t feel like it (:1-5).  He says that Job is a sinner and that he deserves more than what he is getting.  God has not punished him as much as He should have (:6).  Zophar says that Job thinks that he is smarter than he is.  He is trying to outwit God.  He is trying to convince God of his innocence.  In verse 12, Zophar says, “The day that you become smarter than God is the day that a donkey (a very dumb animal) gives birth to a man.” (:7-12).  All Job needs to do is repent and everything would change (:13-19).  That is the simple, rational answer.  The problem is that Job’s sin has distorted his understanding and he does not recognize the reality of his problem (:20).


Job 12-14                  Job’s Response: It is easy for someone who is comfortable to judge others.  You better watch out for yourself.  Show me my sin.  God knows the truth.


Job 12:1-4-Job replies by asking Zophar who does he think he is…why does he think that he is so much smarter than anyone else?  Job says that he is just as smart as he is (:1-3).  Job says that he is a joke to those that know him because he had always told them that they could depend on God...and now, look at him.  How well has that worked out for him (:4)?  In fact, if you look around, it would appear that just the opposite actually happens.

Job 12:5-6-Job tells him that it is easy for him to sit back and pass judgment on him because he has no problems of his own.

Job 12:7-25-Job tells Zophar that everyone (even the animals) knows that God is in control of all things...and then lists numerous examples.  Notice the number of times God is referred to by the pronouns “Him” and “He”.


Prayer: Lord, sometimes I fail to see myself as You do.  I confess that I try to justify attitudes and behavior that are not Christ-like.  Please forgive me.  Give me a quick and willing heart.  Help me to admit my sin and confess it the very moment that the Holy Spirit convicts me of it.


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