July 7

July 7


Job 35-37


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 32-37                  Elihu’s 4 Accusations (4 speeches), cont’d.


Job 35                       Accusation #3: God is not changed by our righteousness or unrighteousness.  In His time God will act and ultimately judge sin.


Job 35:1-8-Elihu accuses Job of setting himself above God...of perceiving himself to be more righteous than God.  He tells Job that God has no reason to treat him unjustly...because nothing that Job does, good or bad, has an affect on God.  So, God would not punish Job unless he had sinned.

Job 35:9-16-Elihu then says that Job’s prayers are not being answered for the same reason that other men’s prayers are not answered.  The first reason is that they don’t really know God…because they don’t take advantage of the good times to seek Him and to grow in their relationship with Him.  They only turn to him when they have difficulties (:10-11).  Second, this leads to the sin of pride (self-sufficiency) in their life…they think that they don’t need God (:12).  The third reason why his prayers are not being answered is because he does not truly mean what he says when he prays (:13).  Fourth, he accuses God of hearing his prayers, but not answering in a timely manner (:14).  And finally, when he didn’t get what he wanted he became angry with God…in essence, he judged God (:15-16).


Job 36-37                  Accusation #4: Be careful not to allow your impatience with God to become sin.


Job 36:1-4-Elihu tells them to keep listening…he’s not done yet, he’s just getting wound up!

Job 36:5-16-Elihu says that God always responds to a man according to his deeds.  He treats each person correctly.  Job is just blinded by his own circumstances and doesn’t see this.

Job 36:17-21-He tells Job that because he feels that he has been treated unjustly by God…he has begun to judge others unjustly.  He warns Job to not become bitter and to allow his circumstances to turn his heart from God to evil.  If he does so…he will be causing the very judgment that he doesn’t want.

Job 36:22-37:24-Elihu now tells Job to remember Who God is.  He appeals to the wonder of God in order to try and convince Job that there is no way that God could be mistaken about this.  He is to awesome to make such a mistake (:14).  God will not contradict His own righteous nature and He will pay no attention those who refuse to recognize His righteousness (:23-24).

Summary: Elihu appeals to the awesomeness and wonder of God...in order to convince Job that the problem of his suffering must originate with him.  He claims that Job has tried to elevate himself above God...by suggesting that God is the one who is at fault in the matter...and that only compounds his sin.


Prayer: Lord, please help me to be aware of anything in my life that would hinder my prayers.  You have blessed me so much and I thank You.  Help me, during these good days…to keep my focus on You.  Help me to seek You with all of my heart while I am not distracted by difficulties and struggles.  And then, Lord, when I encounter struggles…teach me to trust in those things that I have learned about You.

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