July 31

July 31


Psalms 62-64

Book #2: 42-72


Psalm 62


Jeduthun was one of the choir directors that David appointed to lead public worship (cf. 1 Chronicles 16:41; 25:1-3; Psalms 39, 77).  Notice that David…

  • Speaks of his faith in God (:1-2)
  • Speaks of those who attack him (:3-4)
  • Speaks of his faith in God (:5-8)
  • Speaks of those who attack him (:9-10)
  • Speaks of his faith in God (:11-12)

Psalm 62:1-2-David says that his trust is in God and no one else.  He will wait in silence, patiently for God.

Psalm 62:3-4-David describes the intent of the evil men who are attacking him.

Psalm 62:5-8-Once again, David says that his trust is in God and no one else.  He encourages other people to do the same.

Psalm 62:9-10-It does not matter whether a man is of low standing, or high...if he is wicked, he will be judged.

Psalm 62:11-12-Power and lovingkindness both belong to the Lord...and He justly judges all men.


Psalm 63

David is in the wilderness, away from Jerusalem.

Psalm 63:1-5-He says that He longs so much for God that there is literally a physical sensation.  Much the same way that he feels it physically when he longs for water when he is thirsty.  Because God's lovingkindness is better than anything else that life may offer, he will praise Him

Psalm 63:6-8-Even at night time, as David lies on his bed, he meditates on God and realizes that He has always been his help.

Psalm 63:9-11-David says that those who seek to destroy him will be destroyed.


Psalm 64

Psalm 64:1-6-Evil men secretly plot against David to overthrow him.  They think that no one is aware of what they are doing.

Psalm 64:7-8-But God knows their plans and He will judge them.  He will turn their own plans against them.

Psalm 64:9-10-When people learn of God's knowledge of all things (even the secret plans of men’s hearts), and His judgment on evil men, they will fear Him.  The righteous man will be glad and trust in Him


Prayer: Lord, David was constantly under attack.  Not just from the countries that surrounded him, but from the people who lived with him.  Evil men sought to overthrow his reign as King.  But over and over I see David trusting in You.  You know all things.  You are aware of everything that is going on.  There is nothing that escapes Your eye.  Lord, I may not face the challenges that David faced as the King of Israel.  But I do face challenges of my own.  And knowing that You could handle whatever David had to deal with gives me courage that You can handle whatever I have to deal with.  Thank You, Lord.


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