July 2

July 2


Job 23-25


The Accusations of Men              Job 3-37, cont’d.


Job 22-31                  Accusations Round 3 (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar), cont’d.


Job 23-24                  Job’s Response: He acknowledges that his sufferings are within the will of God…but he cannot explain how or why.


Job 23:1-17-Job says that he wishes it was as simple and easy as Eliphaz’s explanation.  God does seem far away...he wishes he knew where He was (:3) so that he could present his case to Him.  Job says that he has tried and tried to find God and determine why this was happening to him...but he has been unable (:8-9).  However, even though he cannot find God...God is totally aware of him and knows everything that is going on...and when He is ready, He will act (:10).  In the meantime, Job says that he has not turned from God...but has remained true to Him (:11-12).  Job admits that God does things that are beyond his understanding...God is "unique" (:13-15).  The Hebrew word “unique” is actually the number “one” and here it means that God is matchless, singular, there is none other like Him so no one could ever match wits with Him...and only He understands why He does things the way that He does.  Or, it could mean that God is one-minded, meaning that His decision is final and decisive (see KJV, NLT).

Job 24:1-Job admits that he doesn't understand why there seems to be no equity of punishment between the righteous and the unrighteous.

Job 24:2-12-Job describes those people who live life as if there is no meaning and no accountability (24:1-12).  He calls their actions "folly" (:12).

Job 24:13-17-Job then describes those people who intentionally rebel against what is right.

Job 24:18-21-Job says that both groups act as if they are oblivious to God and don't fear His judgment.

24:22-24-On the other hand, it seems that God often judges those who seem to have done right.

Job 24:25-Finally, Job says that this is so common that no one could prove him incorrect in his conclusions.

Summary: Job says that it is not as simple as the good will be blessed, and the evil judged.  Simple observation of the world around us proves that is not so.  But he knows that in the end, God will sustain him and he will have been purified by his trials (:10).


Job 25                       Bildad’s 3rd Accusation: He accuses Job of the sin of presumption for attempting to argue with God about his situation…all men are sinners.


Job 25:1-6-Bildad seems to have given up trying to convince Job of his individual sinfulness, and now tries to convince Job that he is wrong to defend himself since all men are sinners by virtue of the fact that they cannot match up to the greatness and the glory of God.  God is so great that there is no one who could possibly be as righteous as He is (:1-4a).  Just the fact that Job is human (as compared to the divine nature of God) should be enough proof that he is incapable of matching the righteousness of God (:4b).  And when we consider that not even the moon or the stars compare to the supreme glory of God…how could a mere man (who in comparison is a “maggot”) ever think that he could match the glory of God (:5-6)?


Prayer: Father, I pray that You will always help me to recognize Your supreme and matchless nature.  There is none other that is even in Your category…much less that is comparable to You.  You, and You alone, are God…and there is no other.

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