February 9

Leviticus 7-9


The Way to God…Sacrifice         Leviticus 1-10, cont’d.


Leviticus 1-7      Through the Offerings, cont’d.


7:1-10-The Trespass Offering (add'l. instructions)

It is a guilt offering.


7:11-36-the Peace Offering (add'l. instructions)

If offered as an act of thanksgiving, then it shall include unleavened cakes with oil, shall be eaten that day and part will belong to the Priest; but, if it is an offering in connection with a vow, it shall be eaten that day (to eat any of it on the third day is to incur guilt).  It could be brought for a variety of reasons: an act of thanksgiving for deliverance, for answers to prayer, for healing, etc. (:12-15); in connection with a vow about some matter either past or future (:16-17); simply as an act of gratefulness to God (:16-17).

Leviticus 7:19-21-Matters pertaining to uncleanness.  To be cut off was to be excluded form the practices and protection of the ordinances of Israel, a kind of excommunication.

Leviticus 7:22-25-Matters pertaining to the eating the fat of an animal.  The fat of sacrificed animals was the Lord’s portion and was not to be eaten under any circumstances.

Leviticus 7:26-27-Matters pertaining to the eating of blood.  It was not to be eaten under any circumstances.


Leviticus 7:28-31-The Wave Offering.

This is a continuation of instructions for the Peace Offering.  When the breast of the animal was being offered it was literally “waved” (moved) back and forth in direction from the altar to the priest.  This symbolized the fact that the offering was being made to God, and then being returned to the priest.


Leviticus 7:31-32-The Contribution (Heave) Offering

If a thigh is being offered as the Peace Offering it was to be “heaved” (lifted up and down, :34)…symbolizing that it was being set aside as a contribution for use by the priests.

Leviticus 7:33-36-Matters pertaining to the portion that the Priests were to receive.


Leviticus 7:37-38-Summary statement concerning offerings.


Leviticus 8-10    Through the Priests


Leviticus 8 -The Consecration of the Priests for Service

Leviticus 8:1-36-The consecration ceremony of the Priests to service.  This is where Moses is to do what God commanded in Exodus 28-29.  It includes an “ordination offering” (:22, 28, 31, 33).


For additional information on the Priesthood see:




For a chart showing the ancestral lineage of the Priesthood see:



Leviticus 9 -The Inauguration of the Priests to Service

Leviticus 9:1-24-The beginning of the service of the Priests (on the eighth day.  Aaron first made a sin offering and a burnt offering for himself (:8-14), then a sin (atonement), burnt (dedication), grain (sustenance), and peace (communion) offerings for the people (:15-18).

Leviticus 9:15 He "offered it for sin".  The sin of the offerer was conferred onto the offering.


9:1-21offered it for sin (v. 15). Lit., he sinned it; i.e., he made it sin (cf. 2 Cor. 5:21).

The Ryrie Study Bible, 9:15, footnote, p. 170


Leviticus 9:(4,6),23-24-The glory of the LORD appeared to all the people..."Then fire came out from before the LORD...and when the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces."


Prayer:  Lord, please show me how to serve You by serving others.  So often, I fail to see the needs of those right around me...and how I can help them.  I know of people who have problems...but I don't know what to do, how I can help.  Please don't let me be callous to others...but to have Your heart of compassion.  And Father, please help me to share the Gospel with them.  Lord, please save them.  Don’t allow my loved ones and friends to be eternally lost and separated from You.

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