December 27

Revelation 18


Jesus is Sovereign over the Future (Revelation 4-22), cont’d.

Revelation 18          The International Commercial System of the Antichrist (Content Chapter)


Revelation 18:1-3-The Prediction of the Destruction of the International Commercial System

Part of the world takeover strategy of the Antichrist will involve control of International trade.  It is inseparably linked to his World-Wide Religious strategy.  When he decides to destroy all other religions and require worship of himself…he makes a strategic error, not realizing that the two are so tightly interwoven that the existence of one is dependent on the existence of the other.  It is possible, that at this point, his ego is so out of control (actually it is under the control of Satan)…that he has begun to think that people actually worship him personally.  However, in reality, from their perspective, he is not the one to be worshipped (they still worship their own gods).  But, because he has given them freedom to worship as they please, has provided peace (albeit a false peace), and has provided an economic stimulus plan through his International Commercial System…they have given him their political allegiance.  He mistakes their commitment of convenience for worship of him.  An angel announces the destruction of the International Commercial system of the Antichrist.


Revelation 18:4-8-The Verdict Against the International Commercial System

God decrees the sentence against the International Commercial System of the Antichrist.  He tells His people to have nothing to do with this false system (:4).


Revelation 18:9-19-The Results of the Judgment of the International Commercial System

With the fall of the World-Wide Religious System...the International Commercial System that it had built will also be destroyed, as well.  This was not in the plan of the Antichrist.


Revelation 18:20-24-The Celebration in Heaven over the Destruction of the International Commercial System

An angel pronounces the total destruction of Babylon.


Prayer: Father, please keep me from attempting to produce financial gain from spiritual matters.  Don't let me become captured by the allure of what religion can produce for me.

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