December 20

December 20


Micah 4-5


A Message Declaring the Coming of Christ (Messiah)       Micah 4-5    

The Scene is the Future (the return of Christ)


The Future Kingdom (the Millennium)


Micah 4:1-8            Prophecy: the Kingdom of the Coming Christ

Micah 4:1-Micah now looks to the future. He tells us that what he is about to prophecy will take place "in the last days".

Here is a basic outline of the progression of key events of “the last days”…

  • The Church Age began on the Day of Pentecost when believers in Jerusalem were baptized with the Holy Spirit.  It continues until the Return of Christ in the Sky.
  • The Return of Christ in the Sky (clouds)…this is when the Rapture of the Church (believers who are alive at that time) will take place.
  • Coinciding with the Return of Christ in the Sky will be the beginning of the 7 Years of the Tribulation Period (the Great Tribulation will be the last 3½ years).
  • At the end of the Tribulation Period…Christ will return to the earth (accompanied by the Saints who had died during the Church Age) and wage war against the Antichrist and the kingdoms of the earth at the Battle of Armageddon.  This is the Second Coming of Christ.
  • Following the victory of Christ in the Battle of Armageddon…He will establish His kingdom on earth for 1,000 years…this is the Millennium (Millennial Kingdom or Period).

Micah 4:1-8-This passage is almost identical to Isaiah 2:2-4. It describes the magnificence of the Millennial Kingdom.  The words “the mountain of the house of the LORD” speaks of Jerusalem and the Temple on Mt. Zion.  From there, Christ will rule all the nations of the earth during the Millennium.


Micah 4:9-5:1         Prophecy: the Suffering Preceding the Coming of Christ

Micah 4:9-10-These verses refer to the Babylonian captivity that was yet to come. This would have been a startling prophecy because at the time that Micah made it Babylon was a vassal state of Assyria…not yet a major world power.  There would also be other times of suffering for the people of God before Jesus comes back.

Micah 4:10-13-Micah says that “many nations” will oppose Israel before the Millennial Kingdom is established. But they do not know what God knows…that ultimately, He is going to give Israel victory over them an all that those nations had accumulated will be dedicated to the Lord.  This massing of nations against Israel will reach its climax at the Battle of Armageddon.

Micah 5:1-So, Micah tells Israel to prepare itself for what he has told them is coming. Even “the judge of Israel” (King Zedekiah, whom Babylon had placed on the throne) will be struck…meaning conquered.  He will be taken captive to Babylon (2 Kings 24:17-25:7).


The Future King (Rapture, Return to Earth)


Micah 5:2-3            Prophecy: the 1st Coming of Christ

Micah 5:2-"Ephrathah" (means "fruitful") and is the ancient name for Bethlehem (means "House of Bread")...both names refer to the fertility of the area.  "His goings forth are from long ago, from the days of eternity" refer to the preexistence and preexistent appearances (which is called a christophany) of Jesus…as the Angel of the Lord.


What is a “christophany”?


This verse is a powerful prophecy concerning the first coming of Christ to the earth at His incarnation (:2). At His death and resurrection…He will “give them up until the time”.  This speaks of the fact that between the resurrection of Christ and His return to earth at the Second Coming (“until the time”)…the Jewish people will largely be under the control of Gentiles and the rulers of this world (:3).


Micah 5:4-15          Prophecy: the 2nd Coming of Christ

Micah 5:5-When Jesus returns at the Second Coming…He will bring peace to His people.

Micah 5:6-15-However, for those who oppose Him, He will bring judgment.


Prayer: Father, Micah told the people that based on what he had told them concerning the struggles that lay in the days ahead…they should begin making preparations, now.  Please help me to prepare for struggles that may come in the days ahead.  Teach me the truths of Your Word.  Lead me to an ever closer walk with You.  Fill me completely with the Holy Spirit.  Prepare me now…for what will come later.

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