Children’s Ministries

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WELCOME to TEMPLE's Children's ministry!!
 Our ministry exists to REACH others for Christ, TEACH others about Christ, LOVE all who come to learn about Him, WORSHIP with those who come, stay faithful to PRAYER, and to be apprentices to those living in the Kingdom NOW. We want parents, volunteers, and staff working together to grow our children into a community of people who love Jesus.We also want you to stay up to date with everything that's going on at Temple and a great way to do that is to follow our Facebook fan page!



If you visit any of our Children's Ministries, you will find a safe environment where kids are having a great time and experiencing God's love.


We want you to know:

 1. We are SAFE.

  •  We have policies in place to keep your children safe and we enforce them. It’s important to us to provide a place that is safe: physically, emotionally and spiritually.


  • We're constantly asking ourselves: Are we doing the kinds of things children really like? Are we singing the songs kids want to learn? Are we teaching lessons the kids will understand?


  • Memorizing Bible verses is great, but we want children to know that God gave them a book filled with wisdom that can help them in their lives right now!

4. Our time together is BALANCED.

  • Some children love large, loud crazy teaching. Some prefer small quieter groups. We will give time to both. Being entertaining and fun is great, most of the time, but, sometimes its also important to slow down.

5. We are FUN.

  • The reason for this value is simple. Kids won’t come back willingly if it’s not fun, and they certainly won’t want to invite their friends. Fun’s easy! We’ll mix in celebrations, add surprises and prizes and occasionally throw in some shaving cream and water guns.

6. We are INVESTED.

  • Your child is not a number to us. We want to provide a place where your child can feel treasured and valued. A place where, every week, they can connect with their old friends and make some new ones!