August 8

August 8


Psalms 82-84


Book #3: 73-89, cont’d.


Psalm 82


Psalm 82:1-4-God judges the rulers and judges of His people and says that they have been unjust.  Instead of performing their duties without prejudice, they have shown favor to the wicked (:2).  They should have protected the weak and fatherless, the afflicted and destitute, the weak and needy, and should have delivered them from the wicked (:3-4).

Psalm 82:5-7-God says that as judges, they are like gods, having the authority to pass judgment on men.  But they need to remember that they are just men and not take advantage of their position.  In the end, they are just like all other men and will die.

Psalm 82:8-Asaph prays for God to judge the unjust judges now...and not wait until later.  The earth is His and His to judge.



Psalm 83


Psalm 83:1-8-Israel is being attacked by its numerous neighbors: Edom, Ishmaelites, Moab, Hagrites, Gebal, Ammon, Amalek, Philistia, Tyre, and Assyria. Asaph tells God that His enemies are conspiring against Him: ”Thine enemies…who hate Thee…against Thy people…Thy treasured ones…Against Thee” (:2,3,5).  Such is the relationship between Israel and God…that Asaph understands that an attack on Israel is an attack on God.

Psalm 83:9-18-Asaph prays that God will defeat them as He has defeated those who have attacked them in the pas.  He asks God to treat them in such a way that they will realize that He is God over all of the earth and seek Him (:16,18).


Psalm 84


Psalm 84:1-8-The "sons of Korah" (cf. Psalm 42) speak of how much they love to be in the house of God...of how they long to be there, when not.  “Baca” means “weeping” or “desolation”…in its singular form it is the noun which means “balsam trees” (which grow in arid ground).  The picture of this Psalm is of a pilgrim making his way to Jerusalem to worship in the Temple.  Because of the joy that he has as he anticipates worshipping there…his very presence along the way is a blessing.  This is vividly illustrated as he passes through the “valley of desolation”…a dry place where nothing grows.  As he passes through, it is transformed into a “…spring, the early rain also covers it with blessings” (:6).

Psalm 84:9-12-The Psalmist says that he would rather have to stand in the doorway of God's house, than to have a place to live in the house of the wicked (:10).  The blessings of God  are without unbounded (:11).


Prayer: Father, as I read Psalm 84 I long for our church to be so filled with Your glory that people can’t wait to be there.  Please let my heart yearn to be in your presence as did the Psalmist’s.  And as a result of my love for You…let my life be a blessing to all of those that I come into contact with…even as did the pilgrim’s.

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