August 6

August 6


Psalms 78


Book #3: 73-89, cont’d.


Psalm 78


Asaph recounts the early history of Israel as a warning to future generations against being unfaithful.


Psalm 78:1-7-Asaph says that each generation has the responsibility to teach the next generation about Him.  So that they will not forget about God because their parents did not “prepare” their heart.  So that they will keep God's commandments, put their confidence in Him, and be faithful to Him.

Psalm 78:9-16-He gives the example of Ephraim to demonstrate how parents had not taught their children to remember Him in the past.  When Ephraim went into battle they were defeated because they did not keep God's covenant.  The reason was because they were not aware of what He had done in the past (:9-11).  But we shouldn’t be surprised because from the moment that they left Israel and all through the 40 years that they wandered in the wilderness God worked might miracles (:12-16).  But despite this, the people continued to sin against God in the wilderness.  God did many miracles for them...and yet, they still refused to believe in Him (:17-20).  Despite this, God continued to provide for them…in hopes that they would turn from their sin.  He tried everything to get the people to trust Him…from delivering them from Egypt, to providing them with food and water in the wilderness, until finally He even sent punishment among the people.  All to lead them to repent of their lack of faith and trust in Him (:21-31).  And yet, they did not do so (:32-33).

Psalm 78:34-39-Finally, if only for a while they turned back to Him (:34-35).  But then, once again they were unfaithful (:36-37).  However, God was patient and did not immediately destroy them.  He remembered that they were but “flesh”  (:39, merely human and prone to sin) and restrained His anger (:38).

Psalm 78:40-53-He recalls all that God did to take the people out of Egypt.

Psalm 78:54-64-God brought the people to the holy land.  But even there they continued to rebel against Him.  So, finally, He gave them over to their enemies.

Psalm 78:65-Then afterwards, the Lord restored the nation under the leadership of the tribe of Judah, with David as king...and built His sanctuary on Mt. Zion.


Prayer: Lord, please help me to always be mindful of what You have done in the past.  Not just my past…but also what is recorded that You have done in the Bible…and, in the lives of the faithful believers since the days of the New Testament.  Let their courage and faith…and the testimony of Your wondrous works…give me courage and faith.

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