August 30

August 30


Psalms 142-144


Book #5: 107-150, cont’d.


Psalm 142


Psalm 142:1-4-David says that when he prays he holds nothing back.  He tells God exactly what is happening and how it is affecting him (:1-2).  David is calling out to God to rescue him from those who are persecuting him.  He says that there was a time when his enemies tried to trap him.  God was aware of what was going on.  But none of his trusted friends even tried to help him (:4).  These could be some of the most despondent words that David ever wrote.

Psalm 142:5-7-David calls on the Lord to rescue him because he is overwhelmed by those who are attacking him.  He says that when God saves him, then he will give Him thanks, and others will observe him doing so.


Psalm 143


Psalm 143:1-2-David seems to be overcome with the degree that he recognizes that he is not living the righteous life that he should.  His plea to God is not based on his righteousness, but God’s.  No man is righteous in and of himself, and deserving of God’ mercy (:2).

Psalm 143:3-4-He recounts what his enemies are doing to him and that as a result he has become totally despondent.

Psalm 143:5-6-He begins to remember the good old days of the past and long for them.  He remembers how God has cared for him in the past.

Psalm 143:7-9-He appeals to God to answer his prayers quickly because he is not sure how much longer he can continue on his own (:7).  He asks God to show him what to do (:8)

Psalm 143:10-12-He asks God to let His Spirit teach him how to obey His will…so that He will be glorified (:10-11).  Finally, he also asks God to punish those who are persecuting him (:12).


Psalm 144


Psalm 144:1-4-David begins this Psalm by praising God for protecting him.  Notice the different words and phrases that he uses:

  • “rock” (:1)
  • “trains my hands for war” (:1)
  • “fingers for battle” (:1)
  • “fortress” (:2)
  • “stronghold” (:2)
  • “deliverer” (:2)
  • “shield” (:2)
  • “refuge” (:2)
  • “subdues my people” (:2).

He then says that he is amazed that God would do so much for him...since man is nothing compared to God (:3-4).

Psalm 144:5-8-David uses very picturesque language to depict God’s control of nature in order to describe His control over the events of his life.  He then calls upon the LORD to save him from those who speak falsely about him.

Psalm 144:9-11-David says that God will save him and that will give him yet another reason to sing praise to Him.  He says that his enemies have “a right hand of falsehood” (:8,11).  In Biblical days, the term “right hand” often spoke of strength, power.  But his enemies “right hand” was “false”.  This means that while they portray themselves as being powerful, it is not true.

Psalm 144:12-15-David says that when people have the LORD as their God it will affect everything from their children, to their crops and cattle, to the peace they have in their streets.


Prayer: Lord, I thank You that when I pray You want me to be honest.  Nothing hidden, or held back.  You already know what is happening my life and what I need to pray about.  But You want me to talk with You about it…and find out what You want done.  If I hold something back, if I am not totally open and honest about what is going on in my lie…then I am doing harm to myself.  I am not presenting You will all of the facts to work with.  You know what they are…but You deal with what I bring to You.  And Lord, when I am not totally honest with You…it affects my fellowship with You.  It is a sign of one of three problems.  One, I doubt Your wisdom.  I have an idea of what You might choose to do…and I don’t want to do it…and that is sin.  Second, I doubt Your love.  I don’t think that Your answer would be the best thing for me.  Or three, I doubt Your ability to handle the problem.  Lord, all three of those is wrong.  Please help me to pour out my heart completely to You…and to always trust Your answer.  You know what is right.  You love me completely.  You can do all things.


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