August 26

August 26


Psalms 128-131


Book #5: 107-150, cont’d.


Psalm 128


Psalm 128:1-4-The Psalmist says that when we fear the LORD and walk in His ways we are blessed in our labors and our family.  The word “fear” means to “stand in awe, astonishment, reverence, respect”.  In reference to God…it speaks of the recognition of His absolute and total perfection in all qualities, His uniqueness that separates Him from all other things, and the accountability of all of creation to His sovereign rule.

Psalm 128:5-The Psalmist prays for God's blessings on the man who fears Him.


Psalm 129


Psalm 129:1-4-The Psalmist says that there are those who have persecuted him since the days of his youth.  They have not prevailed and God has judged them.

Psalm 129:5-8-He calls upon the LORD to judge those who hate Zion.  The enemies of Zion will not even receive the customary courteous greeting of friends when they pass by Jerusalem (:8).


Psalm 130


Psalm 130:1-8-The Psalmist says that if God wanted to hold us accountable for our sins, no one could stand before Him and claim to have lived a completely righteous life (:3).  But God, even though He knows our sinful state, offers us forgiveness.  This leads us to respect Him all the more (:4).  He says that he waits for the LORD...he trusts in Him to forgive him of his sins (:5-6).  Once again, we find God’s lovingkindness being the basis of His action (forgiveness) towards us.  We do not deserve it.  But God has chosen to provide it (:7-8)


Psalm 131


Psalm 131:1-3-David says that he does not try to be something that he is not (:1).  Instead, he has found comfort in simply trusting in the LORD, as opposed to worrying about his status or accomplishments (:2-3).


Prayer: Father, I pray that this day, and every day, I will live in fear of You.  Recognizing Your wonder, and glory, and uniqueness.  Being in awe of Who and What You are.  And then Lord…realizing that You have seen fit to reveal Yourself to us.  Not just in the matters of knowledge of facts and data about You.  But You have made Yourself known to us personally.  You have bridged the gap between time and eternity, material and spirit, created and self-existent…and made it possible for us to know You, in person.  And even there…I am again in awe…that You would do such a thing…for no other reason…than You chose to do so.


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